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Select Mongoose Model Based on Express Route


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I think this might be a basic question, but looking for the best approach.

I'm building an express app that should route to one of four different Mongoose models depending on the route.

Something like this:

app.get('/:trial', function(req, res){
    var trial = req.params.trial;
    trial.find(function(err, records) {
        if (err)

        res.json(records); // returns all trial records in JSON format

I have 4 mongoose models named: trial1, trial2, trial3, trial4. I would like the trial parameter of the URL to determine which collection gets queried. Obviously the above won't work, but what should I do instead of rewriting the route four times instead?

Thanks in advance!


You can get models by name:

var mongoose = require('mongoose');

app.get('/:trial', function(req, res){
    var trial = req.params.trial;
    mongoose.Model(trial).find(function(err, records) {
        if (err) {
            // Return when we end the response here...
            return res.send(err);
        res.json(records); // returns all trial records in JSON format

Depending on circumstances, I would validate the value of trial first (so requesting /User doesn't dump all users to the client, for instance).


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