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In emacs C-g cancels any command that has begun. Is there a similar solution in tmux for after you have pressed Ctrl-b? I thought about researching this by hitting lots of keys but that would only make this worse.


You can use any key that is not bound to anything. From what I see in the man page Ctrl-g is in fact *not* bound to anything (in regular mode) so you can use it after Ctrl-b.

If you want to explicitly bind this noop functionality to Ctrl-g key, you can do it by placing something like this in tmux.conf:

bind C-g run 'true'


Tmux failed to connect to server error on `tmux ls` when there are no running sessions

Just writing a quick loop to list out existing tmux sessions when I log into a server, depending on whether tmux is installed (via .bashrc on CentOS). if rpm -q tmux; then echo -e "TMUX sessions running:\n" echo `tmux ls` fi This works great when tmux has a session or...

Cancel C-b in tmux

In emacs C-g cancels any command that has begun. Is there a similar solution in tmux for after you have pressed Ctrl-b? I thought about researching this by hitting lots of keys but that would only make this worse.

Tmux won't read ~/.tmux.conf

I'm running a tmux session over at another machine through SSH. My ~/.tmux.conf looks as follows: # set Ctrl-a as the default prefix key combination # and unbind C-b to free it up set prefix C-a unbind-key C-b Nothing fancy as you can see. I've made sure no remaining tmux...

tmux : config files are not used

I use tmux (tmux 1.8) from Ubuntu 14.04. I wanted to configure it a bit via ~/.tmux.conf. But whatever I set inside this file my tmux session looks the same. Then I tried a fresh new /etc/tmux.conf but I still get the same display. It seems that my config is...

Execute Tmux with Golang Exec

I want to execute a tmux session using Golang. I'm able to compile and get an exit status 1. cmd := exec.Command("tmux", "new", "-s", "foo") err := cmd.Run() if err != nil { log.Fatal(err) } I want to start a session. At the very least, I want to get a...

How can I see the running time of the terminal? (Ubuntu user)

So I began working in terminal (with tmux) this morning and forgot the hour when I began. I need to know the time when I started the terminal (or tmux) or the running time of the terminal (or tmux). Can anyone help? Thanks....

how to pass tmux varible to external script for the status bar

I am using the default <#{pane_current_path}> to display the current working directory for the current pane used. However the result is a lengthy full directory path taking lot of space in the status bar. What I wanted is to use a shell script or ruby script to cut it short...

How do I stop my VIM background from being transparent in tmux where there is no text?

I've been working on moving my development setup to a new Ubuntu based partition from Mac OS. I'm currently having trouble getting the background to stay solid inside of tmux. I have TERM set to xterm-256color in my .bashrc and vim works as intended outside of tmux. I have also...

Starting tmux with certain command inside of bash script

I ran into problem when tried to start tmux inside of bash-script. The following script is sample of the problem. tmux new-session -d -s main tmux send-keys -t main 'ls ~/' C-m tmux attach-session -d -t main This script works correct - it started tmux with list of ~/ directory....

tmux open a new window but is not the same as the original one [closed]

Hi I am now using tmux and something bothers me now. I remember that when Ctrl + B C will open up a new window and this window will remain the original window's status, which means that if i ssh login to a remote server, and then I call Ctrl...

Is it possible to add custom commands to tmux?

I have some commands in mind that I don't want to create keybinds for and would prefer to use command mode for them. For example, I want something like: <C-a>:restart-guard That I can have run a script to run some commands in my guard window Is this possible?...

Can I send commands to an already open tmux session?

I've started using vim a couple of months ago and I'm loving it. I mostly code on a vim pane (using iTerm2 on OS X) and I keep an ipython console running inside a screen session on another pane. I've managed to find a way to send lines of code...

“open” command doesn't work properly inside tmux

I am trying to use the open command to open a link in Chrome from my terminal. It works fine in plain or iTerm2, but doesn't work properly from tmux. What happens is: it opens a new instance of Chrome (rather than opening a new tab) and doesn't actually...

tmux titles-string not executing shell command

I have the following lines in my ~/.tmux.conf set-option -g set-titles on set-option -g set-titles-string "#(whoami)@#H: $PWD \"#S\" (#W)#F [#I:#P]" This has worked in the past but after upgrading to 2.0 shell commands are no longer executed. I now see in my title: #(whoami)@myhostname.local: /Users/lander [] According to the man...

OSX tmux configuration session open file in vim automatically

So I have tmux and vim running in iterm2 on OSX. I have a tmux.conf file that sources a session in ~/.tmux/ called 'left'. I have successfully loaded this session with three panes. Two panes in a left column and a single pane on the right. I have also managed...