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Exchange 2010 - All maiboxes with auditing enabled


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I am trying to return a list of all mailboxes that have auditing enabled. I have tried the below, but it is returning all the users and not just those that have auditing enabled on their mailboxes. Can someone please help. Thanks

Get-Mailbox | select Name | where-object {$_.AuditEnabled -eq $true}


You might want check your pipeline and move the where-object before the select eg

get-mailbox | Where-Object {$_.AuditEnabled -eq $true} | select Name

Cheers Glen


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I'm struggling to find a way to assign a Task that I'm creating using the EWS Managed API 2.0 to an existing contact. Is there a way to do this using the API? For appointments, you can add an Atendee to the RequiredAtendees collection. Is there something similar to this...

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I'm trying to get Contact ID from Email box using ResolveName method but it doesn't returns me the Contact ID Related with that contact.   MS reference

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I am trying to return a list of all mailboxes that have auditing enabled. I have tried the below, but it is returning all the users and not just those that have auditing enabled on their mailboxes. Can someone please help. Thanks Get-Mailbox | select Name | where-object {$_.AuditEnabled -eq...

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I'm using Exchange web service to read email from Office365. The C# program works fine. I can get EmailMessage in Inbox, and get their subject and message body, etc. However, I could not figure out the way to check whether the message is a bounce back message or not. Do...

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How can i make my email as verified like PayPal, even though my URL and exchange server is having SSL certificate its still going to spam folder.

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I am not able to get all mailboxes using this cmdlet "Get-Mailbox", instead it is returning only one mailbox details for the account which is used for authentication. I have enabled windows authentication on Powershell in IIS for accessing exchange powershell using C# console application and authenticating it with administrator...

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I know how to get all the members of a dynamic distribution group: I can take the distribution group, get the AD filters from msExchDynamicDLFilter and msExchQueryFilter properties and query the AD for the users who match that filter. Now, how do I go the other way? E.g. show which...