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Backbone.js collection fetch not setting response objects as models


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When fetching a collection, my api response has 10 objects, but the resulting Backbone collection only has 1 model with an attributes array containing the 10 response put it another way, the fetch is not creating models out of the objects in my response...and I don't know why.

Model definition:

MyApp.Item = Backbone.Model.extend({
    initialize: function(){


Collection definition:

MyApp.ItemCollection = Backbone.Collection.extend({
    model: MyApp.Item,
    url: '/api/v1/item/',
    parse : function(response){
        //api returns objects in the content attribute of response, need to override parse
        return response.content;  

Calling fetch:

var myCollection = new MyApp.ItemCollection();

    traditional: true,
    data: {  //url params for api call
        order: 'sort_date:desc',
        start: 0,
        num_items: 10,



4571221007823F95BAAFB2BDF81111XX: Object
0124207763051005AAF59694458EBFXX: Object
3324207755431003B589CEF237DBE1XX: Object
3470000061641005BFB5D9983156E0XX: Object
3515553061641005A02884677F5624XX: Object
3526033426761006AFEA9852B0DDB5XX: Object
21431252714010079E4D8413429DB0XX: Object
26570547220410068F60D1B07D2E08XX: Object
37557124663710079DDC81EE855981XX: Object
0152243312031007957B94F5073B69XX: Object

//api successfully returns an array of objects, with GUID as key


r {length: 1, models: Array[1], _byId: Object}

//why only one model? why not 10?


4571221007823F95BAAFB2BDF81111XX: Object
0124207763051005AAF59694458EBFXX: Object
3324207755431003B589CEF237DBE1XX: Object
3470000061641005BFB5D9983156E0XX: Object
3515553061641005A02884677F5624XX: Object
3526033426761006AFEA9852B0DDB5XX: Object
21431252714010079E4D8413429DB0XX: Object
26570547220410068F60D1B07D2E08XX: Object
37557124663710079DDC81EE855981XX: Object
0152243312031007957B94F5073B69XX: Object
__proto__: Object

//there they are...but why?  

How can I change the fetch to get these objects added as individual models in myCollection?


The response must be an array. Each item in the array is turned into a model. Your response is an object.

Update your parse method to pull out the values (as an array) from the response into an array and it'll work.

MyApp.ItemCollection = Backbone.Collection.extend({
    model: MyApp.Item,
    url: '/api/v1/item/',
    parse : function(response){
        //api returns objects in the content attribute of response, need to override parse
        return, function(model, id) {
   = id;
            return model;


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