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Iterating through array elements when arrays are stored in a list in c#


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I have a small dilemma. I am writing a small application and am at the end stage of it, and cant decide the best way to go about this.

The program takes a string from the user in a textbox control.

From there it iterates over each character in the string: for each character it has, there is a matching array of substitute characters. Those arrays get added to a list<string[]>

From there though, I would like to iterate once more to generate another list which would create substitute words for the users input, gathering all possible combinations.

For example, DAN would become Dan, DaN, DAn, [email protected], and so on, using whatever characters were available.

The program supports only 0-9 and a-z (either case) at this point. I start inside the class declaring/defining a few arrays and lists:

    public List<String> passwordList = new List<String>();
    public List<string[]> arrayList = new List<string[]>();
    public int arrayListLength;

    public string[] zeroArray = {"0", "o", "O"}; //line for number 0
    public string[] oneArray = {"1", "!", "I", "i", "|"}; //line for number 1
    public string[] twoArray = {"2"}; //line for number 2
    public string[] threeArray = {"3"}; //line for number 3
    public string[] fourArray = {"4", "a", "A"}; //line for number 4
    public string[] fiveArray = {"5", "s", "S", "$"}; //line for number 5
    public string[] sixArray = {"6"}; //line for number 6
    public string[] sevenArray = {"7"}; //line for number 7
    public string[] eightArray = {"8"}; //line for number 8
    public string[] nineArray = {"9"}; //line for number 9

    public string[] aArray = {"a", "A", "4", "@"}; //line for letter a
    public string[] bArray = {"b", "B", "8"}; //line for letter b
    public string[] cArray = {"c", "C", "("};//line for letter c
    public string[] dArray = {"d", "D"}; //line for letter d
    public string[] eArray = {"e", "E"}; //line for letter e
    public string[] fArray = {"f", "F"}; //line for letter f
    public string[] gArray = {"g", "G"}; //line for letter g
    public string[] hArray = {"h", "H"}; //line for letter h
    public string[] iArray = {"i", "I", "!", "|"}; //line for letter i
    public string[] jArray = {"j", "J"}; //line for letter j
    public string[] kArray = {"k", "K"}; //line for letter k
    public string[] lArray = {"l", "L"}; //line for letter l
    public string[] mArray = {"m", "M"}; //line for letter m
    public string[] nArray ={"n", "N"}; //line for letter n
    public string[] oArray = {"o", "O", "0"}; //line for letter o
    public string[] pArray = {"p", "P"}; //line for letter p
    public string[] qArray = {"q", "Q"}; //line for letter q
    public string[] rArray = {"r", "R"}; //line for letter r
    public string[] sArray = {"s", "S", "5", "$"}; //line for letter s
    public string[] tArray = {"t", "T", "+"}; //line for letter t
    public string[] uArray = {"u", "U"}; //line for letter u
    public string[] vArray = {"v", "V"}; //line for letter v
    public string[] wArray = {"w", "W"}; //line for letter w
    public string[] xArray = {"x", "X"}; //line for letter x
    public string[] yArray = {"y", "Y"}; //line for letter y
    public string[] zArray = {"z", "Z"}; //line for letter z

Later, when iterating, the loop looks something like this:

 String generateFrom = txtGenerateFrom.Text;

        foreach (char c in generateFrom)
            if (c.ToString() == "0")
            else if (c.ToString() == "1")
            else if (c.ToString() == "2")
            else if (c.ToString() == "3")
            else if (c.ToString() == "4")
            else if (c.ToString() == "5")
            else if (c.ToString() == "6")
            else if (c.ToString() == "7")
            else if (c.ToString() == "8")
            else if (c.ToString() == "9")
            else if (c.ToString() == "a" || c.ToString() == "A")
            else if (c.ToString() == "b" || c.ToString() == "B")
            else if (c.ToString() == "c" || c.ToString() == "C")

This gets me a list (public List<string[]> arrayList = new List<string[]>();//declared at beginning ) which contains the relevant arrays, and the arrays are in order by where they belong relevant to the user input.

What then is the best way to loop over this list to make my strings and add them to a list of words which can substitute?


Try this class:

public static class PasswordGenerator
    private static readonly IReadOnlyDictionary<char, char[]> Substitutions = new Dictionary<char, char[]> {
        {'0', new[] {'0', 'o', 'O'}},
        {'1', new[] {'1', '!', 'I', 'i', '|'}},
        {'2', new[] {'2'}},
        {'3', new[] {'3'}},
        {'4', new[] {'4', 'a', 'A'}},
        {'5', new[] {'5', 's', 'S', '$'}},
        {'6', new[] {'6'}},
        {'7', new[] {'7'}},
        {'8', new[] {'8'}},
        {'9', new[] {'9'}},
        {'a', new[] {'a', 'A', '4', '@'}},
        {'b', new[] {'b', 'B', '8'}},
        {'c', new[] {'c', 'C', '('}},
        {'d', new[] {'d', 'D'}},
        {'e', new[] {'e', 'E'}},
        {'f', new[] {'f', 'F'}},
        {'g', new[] {'g', 'G'}},
        {'h', new[] {'h', 'H'}},
        {'i', new[] {'i', 'I', '!', '|'}},
        {'j', new[] {'j', 'J'}},
        {'k', new[] {'k', 'K'}},
        {'l', new[] {'l', 'L'}},
        {'m', new[] {'m', 'M'}},
        {'n', new[] {'n', 'N'}},
        {'o', new[] {'o', 'O', '0'}},
        {'p', new[] {'p', 'P'}},
        {'q', new[] {'q', 'Q'}},
        {'r', new[] {'r', 'R'}},
        {'s', new[] {'s', 'S', '5', '$'}},
        {'t', new[] {'t', 'T', '+'}},
        {'u', new[] {'u', 'U'}},
        {'v', new[] {'v', 'V'}},
        {'w', new[] {'w', 'W'}},
        {'x', new[] {'x', 'X'}},
        {'y', new[] {'y', 'Y'}},
        {'z', new[] {'z', 'Z'}}

    public static IEnumerable<string> GenerateFor(string value)
        if (value == null)
            throw new ArgumentNullException("value");
        return GenerateFor(value, value.ToCharArray());

    private static IEnumerable<string> GenerateFor(string src, char[] value, int index = 0)
        if (index < value.Length)
            char[] chars;
            while (!Substitutions.TryGetValue(char.ToLowerInvariant(src[index]), out chars))
                if (++index == src.Length)
                    yield return new string(value);
                    yield break;

            foreach (var c in chars)
                value[index] = c;
                foreach (var nextValue in GenerateFor(src, value, index + 1))
                    yield return nextValue;
            yield return new string(value);

You can use it like this:

foreach (var password in PasswordGenerator.GenerateFor("DAN"))

And this code output:

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]


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