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Saving to new cluster returns error


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I'm creating cluster dynamically in xtend/Java

for (int i : 0 ..< DistributorClusters.length) {
    val clusterName = classnames.get(i) + clusterSuffix;
                new OCommandSQL('''ALTER CLASS «classnames.get(i)» ADDCLUSTER «clusterName»''')).execute();

Then I create I add the oRole and Grant the security to the new oRole

val queryOroleCreation = '''INSERT INTO orole SET name = '«clusterSuffix»', mode = 0, inheritedRole = (SELECT FROM orole WHERE name = 'Default')''';
        val ODocument result = database.command(new OCommandSQL(queryOroleCreation)).execute();
        for (int i : 0 ..< classnames.length) {
                new OCommandSQL(
                    '''GRANT ALL ON database.cluster.«classnames.get(i)»«clusterSuffix» TO «clusterSuffix»''')).

Finally I try to save a JsonObject to one of the newly created cluster. I checked in the database and the cluster exists.

        val doc = new ODocument();

        val savedDoc = database.save(doc, "ClassName"+clusterSuffix);

But Orient returns the following error :

SEVERE: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Cluster name 'cluster:ClassNameclusterSuffix' is not configured

My Question : What causes that exception? And can you add values to new cluster created?


The doc object contains reference to other classes. i.e:

    user : {
        username: "Apu",

The user gets created in the default cluster, but the customer throws the exception.


I find out that using a query works fine source.

The following code worked on the first try:

val query = '''INSERT INTO ClassNameCLUSTER «"ClassName"+clusterSuffix» CONTENT «jsonToSave.toString()»'''
val ODocument savedDoc = database.command(new OCommandSQL(query)).execute();


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