osx,launchd , If Launchd does not run today, run alternate command

If Launchd does not run today, run alternate command


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Problem synopsis:


I have a Launchd configured with Lingon to run Sifttter Redux on my OSX 10.10 laptop at 11PM every day. Quite often, the laptop is off at that time, otherwise the command does run successfully with expected results. It will also run as expected on demand from Terminal.

Given that this application's purpose is essentially a logger, finding activity from specific date ranges in a text file and aggregating it into Day One entries for those days, the command should only be run once for every day or else duplicate entries are created.

When I input srd exec, today's information is found and added to today's entry. When I input srd exec -y, yesterday's info is found and added to yesterday's entries.

There are also parameters for date ranges.


I have solved this issue by creating a bash script which checks the time and executes srd with respective parameters:


NOW=$(date +"%H")
echo $(date);
if [[ $NOW == 23 ]]
        /usr/bin/srd exec --verbose
        echo "Sifttter grabbed today's events.";
    /usr/bin/srd exec -y --verbose
    echo "Sifttter caught up on yesterday's events.";

The task ran properly when run directly from terminal, but when run through launchd the stdout showed it cutting off halfway through and the sifttter proper log is showed invalid byte sequence in US-ASCII.

This issue was fixed by adding the following character declaration to the launchd plist:



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