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TYPO3 special menu “browse”


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I'm trying to build a browse menu in TYPO3 that should be added to all subpages to navigate trough all submenu pages.

That's what I got:

temp.prevPage = HMENU    
temp.prevPage {
    special = browse
        items = prev
        value = 22
        prev.fields.title = <img src="fileadmin/dev/pics/prev.gif" title="next page" alt="prev page"/>
    1 = TMENU
    1.NO = 1
    1.NO.allWrap = |
temp.nextPage = HMENU
    temp.nextPage {    
    special = browse
        items = next
        value = 22
        next.fields.title = <img src="fileadmin/dev/pics/next.gif" title="next page" alt="prev page" />
    1 = TMENU
    1.NO = 1
    1.NO.allWrap = |

To the Problem: The next and prev arrows are shown on any pid value correctly but it doesn't work if it is the pid of the actual page (actually I could leave value away, then it should work on the actual page but it doesn't).

Example: I'm currently on page with id (pid) 23, there the links to pid 21 (prev) and to 23 (next) are shown. But if I go to page with id 22, the links to prev an next disapear.

Template is on _root.


- Home
- pid19
- - pid20
- - pid21
- - pid22
- - pid23
- pid24
- - pid25

Any help will be highly appreciated.


You need to remove the special.value to always take the current pid. It could look something like this (slightly different, but copied from a live project):

lib.navi.horizontal = COA
lib.navi.horizontal {
    10 = HMENU
    10 {
        special = browse
        special {
            items = prev
        1 = TMENU
        1.noBlur = 1
        1.NO {
            ATagParams = class="nav-arrow nav-prev"
            ATagTitle.dataWrap = {field:title}
    20 = HMENU
    20 {
        special = browse
        special {
            items = next
        1 = TMENU
        1.noBlur = 1
        1.NO {
            ATagParams = class="nav-arrow nav-next"
            ATagTitle.dataWrap = {field:title}

This code has to go on pid 19 in your page structure


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