npm,browserify,uglifyjs , What the meaning of browserify . -t [envify --NODE_ENV production] | uglifyjs -cm > js/bundle.min.js

What the meaning of browserify . -t [envify --NODE_ENV production] | uglifyjs -cm > js/bundle.min.js


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I saw this in flux chat examplethe.

browserify . -t [envify --NODE_ENV production] | uglifyjs -cm > js/bundle.min.js

Why is browserify . -t [envify --NODE_ENV production] used here?


things after -t are transformers. They will be called before the bundeling process. They can be use to transform your code into pure javascript.

For example: reactify can transform JSX to plain javascript and babelify gives you the opporunity to use es6 features like arrow functions and convert them to plain javascript (es5) before starting the bundeling process.

Here you can show what Envify is for. Short: It can declare node evironment variables as plain strings.


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How is it possible that browserify can make server code run in the browser when servers need access to things like sockets?

Am I simply ignorant of the features that some browsers offer or does this library use some strange workaround to implement these features?

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I wrote a node package which contains breaking changes in the next release. Does there exist a way to notify developers about that via console while upgrading via npm?

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I'm using browserify on a project and am running in to the following: I have a file test.js. In test.js there is nothing but the following: var test = 'test'; Now, in the same directory I have my main file 'app.js'. I require test.js and try to access the 'test'...

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Node JS and NPM was working well before. Recently I have re-installed the Node JS, NPM and the problem started. After I install a module like example npm install -g bower, the module gets installed successfully but bower -v gives 'bower' is not recognized as an internal or external command,...

Why do I have to use vinyl-source-stream with gulp?

I am trying to use gulp and browserify to transform my .jsx files into .js files. var gulp = require('gulp'); var browserify = require('browserify'); var reactify = require('reactify'); gulp.task('js', function () { browserify('public/javascripts/src/app.jsx') .transform(reactify) .bundle() .pipe(gulp.dest('public/javascripts/dist')) }); ``` The above threw Arguments to path.resolve must be strings. I managed to...

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here is what i get when i try to execute this command (the 3rd command - in ec2 amazon) The next step is to install NPM(Node package manager). Type the following commands: 1. git clone 2. cd npm **3. sudo make install** and here is the error i get:...

Simple browserify test only runs when built with --debug

I have a simple hello world script main.js: window.addEventListener('load', function() { "use strict"; document.getElementById('output').textContent = "Hello, browser."; }); If I build bundle.js with: browserify -r ./main.js > bundle.js It doesn't run in the browser. No errors, just doesn't execute. If I use: browserify -r --debug ./main.js > bundle.js It runs...

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I want to create a JavaScript library for browser using Browserify / Browserify Shim and make it available within the browser from a global variable. I would want that the exports of the entry JS file would be attached on this variable. For example, in my library, I would have...

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My app loads an object of messages in a given language into the application. My structure is like so: /lang /en.js (100 kb file) /ru.js (100 kb file) /... many more app.js (this is `MyApp` as below) The language files are very big so I would like to create seperate...

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I installed module by sudo npm install -g xxx in OS X, and the command echoes the module was installed in /usr/local/lib/node_modules/xxx. But the require('xxx') still fails claiming `Cannot find module 'xxx'. Only installing the module locally again by sudo npm install xxx can fix the error. Anything need to...

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