mongodb,mongodb-query,mongodb-java , With the mongodb-java-api, is it possible to “select” the objectID and return the value from a Mongodb.find operation in one operation?

With the mongodb-java-api, is it possible to “select” the objectID and return the value from a Mongodb.find operation in one operation?


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I am interested in to find the id from a single document as the result of a find operation.

In Robomongo I can get the value in question with this statement:

db.collection.find({ "field" : {$exists: true}}).limit(1).next()._id.valueOf()

What is the minimal code in Java I have to use to get the same?


As you need to find only one document you can use

DBCollection.findOnefindOne(DBObject query, DBObject projection)

Also, you need to find only _id. So, I projected only _id.

    MongoClient mongo = new MongoClient("localhost", 27017);
    DB db = mongo.getDB("test");
    DBCollection collection = db.getCollection("collection");
    DBObject obj =  collection.findOne(new BasicDBObject("name", new BasicDBObject(
            "$exists", true)),new BasicDBObject("_id",1));
    ObjectId id = (ObjectId) obj.get("_id");        


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