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I am tyring to create a grid of particles, using the famous physics engine. I thought that if 25 particles were placed beteween 4 bounding walls (forming a square) and they all had an equal repulsion force to each other, they would naturally form a grid - ie. they would all be held as far away from each other as possible, given the limits of their world. I expected this to work, even if the particles were just added without an initial position. However, even if I give them an initial position, they don't hold in place unless the force is very small.

Also, I thought that if a wall had a restitution of 0, then a particle would just stop on colliding with it. When I run the code below, I can see particles bouncing off walls. The pen is at:

What am I failing to grasp? - thanks in advance

define('main', function (require, exports, module) {
     // import dependencies
    var Engine = require('famous/core/Engine');
    var Surface = require('famous/core/Surface')
    var Modifier = require('famous/core/Modifier');
    var PhysicsEngine = require('famous/physics/PhysicsEngine');
    var Particle = require('famous/physics/bodies/Particle');
    var Drag = require('famous/physics/forces/Drag');
    var RepulsionForce = require('famous/physics/forces/Repulsion');
    var Wall            = require('famous/physics/constraints/Wall');

    var gridItems = [];

    var positionsArray = [-140,-70,0,70,140];

    var context = Engine.createContext();

    var physics = new PhysicsEngine();

    var gridR = new RepulsionForce({
        strength: 0.015

  var leftWall    = new Wall({normal : [1,0,0],  distance : 140, restitution : 0});
    var rightWall   = new Wall({normal : [-1,0,0], distance : 140, restitution : 0});
    var topWall     = new Wall({normal : [0,1,0],  distance : 140, restitution : 0});
    var bottomWall  = new Wall({normal : [0,-1,0], distance : 140, restitution : 0});

    function gridItemTrans() {
         return this.particle.getTransform();

    function addGridRepulsion(){
      var sq1, sq2;
      for (var i = 0; i < gridItems.length; i += 1){
        sq1 = gridItems[i].particle;
        physics.attach([leftWall, rightWall, topWall, bottomWall], sq1);
          if ((i + 1) < gridItems.length){
            for (var j = i + 1; j < gridItems.length; j += 1){
              sq2 = gridItems[j].particle;
              physics.attach(gridR, sq1, sq2);

    function addBodies(){

    for (var rows = 0; rows < 5; rows += 1){

        for (var cols = 0; cols < 5; cols += 1){

          var gridItem = new Surface({
            properties: {
                backgroundColor: '#23AD23'

           gridItem.particle = new Particle({
            position: [positionsArray[rows], positionsArray[cols], 0]

           //physics.attach(centralG, gridItemParticle[rows][cols], planetParticle);

           gridItem.modifier = new Modifier({
            size: [50,50],
            align: [0.5, 0.5],
            origin: [0.5, 0.5],
            transform: gridItemTrans.bind(gridItem)




To clear up your understanding, we will fist look at the repulsion being applied.

By Default, the Repulsion decay function in is a gravity function (an inverse squared distance decay function). Gravity has a decay based on mass and distance.

var gridR = new RepulsionForce({
  strength: 1,
  decayFunction : RepulsionForce.DECAY_FUNCTIONS.GRAVITY

You can apply a linear function to your repulsion decay and you will create the affect you are looking for.

var gridR = new RepulsionForce({
  strength: 1,
  decayFunction : RepulsionForce.DECAY_FUNCTIONS.LINEAR

If gravity were to decay linearly rather than quadratically, you would need infinite kinetic energy to escape a gravitational field. It would be like living in 2D space.

To answer the second part of your question: The walls have no restitution, but the particles still respond to the force of the other particles.


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