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CRM 2015 and Silverlight


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I've previously created a Silverlight application for CRM-2011 and there has been samples for Silverlight in the CRM-2011 SDK. However, I installed CRM 2015 SDK and I couldn't find any sample codes for Silverlight, does it no longer support silverlight ? If it still supports it, how can i create a connection to the CRM 2015 within my Silverlight application ?


Microsoft abandoned Silverlight a couple of years ago, in favour of HTML5. Silverlight is not supported on all platforms (mobile to begin with) and it does not fit in the cross-platform/execute-anywhere strategy Microsoft follows nowadays.

Microsoft may not say this out loud, but Silverlight can be seen as legacy and therefore should be avoided when possible.

However, Dynamics CRM 2015 still supports Silverlight web resources. You can find documentation in the help-file (.CHM) in the SDK. CRM 2011 examples should still work. (B.t.w, Silverlight sample code appears to have been removed from the CRM 2013 SDK already.)


List Entity Relationships in Dynamics CRM 2013/2015

Is it possible to return a list of relationships on a particular type of entity (not an individual record) using the CRM/XRM SDK? For example, if I have an entity called "Case" and I need to see if it has a relationship with "MyCustomEntity" is it possible to query the...

Do I need Windows Server 2012 and VS 2012 or 2013 to write plugins for MS CRM 2015?

I've been asked to take a look at some of our current plugins and alter them for our upgrade to 2015. However, looking at the SDK it says the system requirements (see here) are Windows Server 2012 (and 8, but not relevant for me) and Visual Studio 2012 or 2013....

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I've just loaded up the advanced find and I cant click on half the icons/drop downs as they are all in the wrong place. It works fine on other servers and other machines. It appears as if its a CSS problem. Any Ideas ...

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Debugging a Dynamics CRM Plug-in

I'm having trouble debugging a Dynamics CRM Online (2015) plug-in (C#). I'm following the instructions on this MSDN article to attach to a process. In the Attach To Process window, I select "Show processes from all users" and refresh. However, I don't see any of the four service processes listed...

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windows phone 8.1 silverlight calendar

I've been struggling to add a calendar control to my windows phone 8.1 silverlight application but i found nothing, i used syncfusion calendar control once but it was a windows phone 8.1 application not silverlight one, please anyone can provide a useful information?

Insert a blank row into a Datagrid with dynamic columns

I create the columns of my Silverlight DataGrid dynamically in the code behind using a List as follows: private void BuildQuotationDGColumns(List<ProductCategory> ProdCatList) { // add a template column with drop down list of products DataGridTemplateColumn ProductColumn = new DataGridTemplateColumn(); ProductColumn.Header="Choose Product"; ProductColumn.CellTemplate=(DataTemplate) Resources["ProductDDLTemplate"]; QuotationDG.Columns.Add(ProductColumn); // for each entity in ProdCatList...

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I want to create a custom controls datagrid using the generic.xaml.I have created the custom controls using the User control template in Silverlight 5. I am not using WPF. How is it possible to create using generic.xaml?

Is it possible to add and configure Dynamics CRM workflows with Powershell

Is it possible to deploy a managed solution to Microsoft Dyanamics CRM 2013/2015 with plugin assemblies via the UI, then use a PowerShell script to add workflows, and steps?

ActionNotSupportedException occurred after change EndpointAddress

I am working with WCF and Silverlight. i want to change EndpointAddress with code behind dynamically: EndpointAddress endpointAdress = new EndpointAddress(serviceUrl); var proxy = new ServerConnectionClient(context); proxy.Endpoint.Address = endpointAdress; Connection opened successful but after call a method from service occurred ActionNotSupportedException. Web.config: <configuration> <system.serviceModel> <bindings> <customBinding> <binding name="NetTcpBinding"> <binaryMessageEncoding />...

Updating a property inside a LINQ clause breaks databinding to UI

I have a problem where a Silverlight UI datagrid is not updating, when the underlying data property changes. I can make it work if I introduce a temp variable and update the data in one chunk, but do not understand why the original code does not work. This is the...

Facebook Graph API(Version 2.3) publish event on a page from CRM plugin/wflow using C#/JS

In FB Graph API version 1 we had written a plugin and some js which used to push details of our campaign record in CRM to a predefined FB page as an event. Now in Version 2.3 the publishing endpoint is missing from the GRAPH api.(events) My questions are 1)...

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I wonder about one of details in MS class (Storyboard) and related class - Timeline. Here are docs for those classes: According to MS documentation to set a Target on Timeline, we need to use Storyboard static method. Why is that so? Does anyone know the background of...

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I am new at the company and we have CRM2011 deployed on the sites and we have agents using our CRM system. On Weekly basis, end users complain that the CRM is running slow on the clients computers. I am beginning to learn about CRM and don't konw much about...

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building a query to return workflows that are in the waiting status and are related to a certain entity... When I try to write the select statement in my linq query, I get the error "Ambigious invocation" on the select statement. I'm not sure exactly what it means. Here is...

Dynamics CRM 2011 Plugin Deploy Error

I'm developing a custom plugin for CRM. When I deploy plugin to CRM on Virtual PC, I get the error below. Error registering plugins and/or workflows. Legacy plugin steps are only supported in Pre-validation and Post-operation stages How can I resolve this error ?...

Silverlight Nested Custom Controls results in StackOverflowException

iam writing a reusable Controllibrary for my Silverlight Projects. At the moment i get an StackOverflowException each Time i startup my test Application wich is using the Controllibrary. I was able to reproduce the Exception in a small sample Projekt. I have two simple Custom Controls: //Control1.cs public class Control1:Control...

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I have to make a small change to a SQL server config file ( Do I need to restart the server in order for the changes to be made or will it be fine without? Determines if I have to wait till an appropriate time to take the server down...

Evaluate Binding Path Dynamically in Silverlight in XAML

How can I evaluate a binding path dynamically, that is, the actual path comes from a property? For example, suppose I have a property of DisplayMemberPath, and I wanted to have something like: Content="{Binding Path=(DisplayMemberPath)}" I know that this doesn't work, it's just to explain what I wanted. I know...

CRM plugin execution of operations before Exception

I have a plugin that needs to create a bunch of entities, and does so using; service.Create(Entity); At the end of the plugin (pre-operation on Update, synchronous) I sometimes need to cancel the save operation. The only way I know how is to throw an exception, but if I do...

Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Export solution from 2015 to 2013

Is it possible to export a solution from CRM 2015 (7.0) to CRM 2013 (6.1)? Instructions I've found online say there's a step to choose target version in the export wizard but it doesn't appear for me.

Style vs inline property setting in silverlight with a custom control

I have a custom silverlight control that is pretty much a glorified text box. I have some properties in it I need to be able to set from the XAML in silverlight, so for each property I have created something like this: public bool UseCustomTooltips { get { return _useCustomTooltips;...

Receive WNS push notfication on Windows phone silverlight 8.1

I have windows phone 8.1 silverlight application where I want to receive Notfications using the new framework, WNS. I have in the package.appxmanifest: <identity name="4657xxxxxxx" publisher="CN=xxxxx" version=""/> and added it to the Mobile Service Hub. For this I have removed old references to MPNS usings, and added the following for...

Modify a button label in dynamics crm

In my associated view pages of some entities, i want to modify some button labels. For masculine noun entities I want to have: Ajouter une nouveau "NameOfEntity" and for feminine noun entities I want to have: Ajouter une nouvelle "NameOfEntity" how can i change the button label, knowing it is...

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I have uploaded an app with version Now I want to just update the package of this submission and not version in Windows Phone store can i do that?

Microsoft dynamics crm learning using azure virtual machines

I want to learn basics of dynamics crm 2011 and 2013. I have MS azure subscription where I do have access to Dynamics CRM virtual machines. These virtual machines have the following flavors for Dynamics CRM GP 2013 Developer GP 2013 R12 NAV 2015 GP 2015 Which one of the...

How do I read an attribute below in CRM 2011 using javascript?

I am looking for the most simplest way of writing javascript code to read an attribute(s) from the fetch xml given below. I have bumped into very complex ways of doing it. Can you suggest a quick and efficient way of doing it. <fetch version="1.0" output-format="xml-platform" mapping="logical" distinct="false"> <entity name="bch_delegate">...

How do I use the custom publisher prefix when creating a new entity field in CRM 2013?

I need to create a new field on a custom entity in a Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 solution. When I create the field the name is prefixed with an static "new_". I can see that there is a default publisher with this prefix and a custom one with another prefix....

Why does Silverlight View not throw a null exception?

Given a Silverlight View with the following binding: <TextBox Width="200" Text="{Binding Customer.FirstName, Mode=TwoWay}"/> and the code behind has the following: CustomerClass Customer {get; set;} This will not throw a NullReferenceException however the following String FirstName { get { return Customer.FirstName; } } does when I attempt to bind to FirstName...

Change icon in validationsummary in silverlight

I want to change the icon at the top left corner in the validation summary because it's not company compliant. Is this possible? I found nothing on google......

How to Execute an Operation Outside of a Plugin Transaction in Dynamics CRM

I have a Trace entity in my CRM system, and I want to insert records for that entity regardless of whether or not a plugin or workflow activity fails. When real-time plugin/workflow fails, all the data operations that have happened are rolled back, so any inserted Trace records are also...

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String to Double Conversion (Comma to dot issue)

Struggling with the basics - I'm trying to code a simple currency converter. The XML provided by external source uses comma as a decimal separator for exchange rate (kurs_sredni): <pozycja> <nazwa_waluty>bat (Tajlandia)</nazwa_waluty> <przelicznik>1</przelicznik> <kod_waluty>THB</kod_waluty> <kurs_sredni>0,1099</kurs_sredni> </pozycja> I already managed to load the data from XML into a nifty list of...