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Add Slider Extension in Opencart?


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I am Creating a Opencart Page with 1500 products. In homepage I want

Slider Extension For Products With Time interval. .

How can i Add the extension . .

Help me Out Here. . For Extension Code..


There is already a slider extension exits in the admin panel. Goto

Extension ->Modules -> Banner


Manual 301 redirects in Opencart

I've changed a few URLs on my Opencart (version 1.5.6) website and then I've changed them one more time. Google started alerting me that there are dead links and now I'm trying fix things up by adding manual 301 redirects in .htaccess (I used to do this whenever I was...

OpenCart show weight units in product page 1.5.6

guys.. How can i show the the weight (with units) in product page in 1.5.6. Example: Weight - 2.5 kg; Weight - 250 mg ... I've been reading some articles, but nothing working correctly. Thanks!...

states/regions not loading at checkout for guests or registration in opencart

im having a Opencart 1.5.4 installed... there is this problem where the users/guests are unable to register at the checkout because the states are not being populated based on the country... when a user registers at the register page it works but not at the checkout.. Below is the JS...

Opencart 2.0 How to duplicate filters?

We are creating filters on Opencart 2.0. We gonna create the "color" filter, but the problem is that this filter will go on every category. Do we have to put this filter manually in each category or is there any way to duplicate filter or to applicate it directly to...

Last child of breadcrumb font set to bold in opencart 2.0

In opencart 2.0.x on category page last child of breadcrumb text font is need to set as a bold. Any one please help me. Thanks...

Opencart module controller index function data source

Some module controllers on a website I work with have data passed to their index function. How is it done? I can't find the source file that sends data to controller.

How to insert module in header tpl file in opencart 2.0?

How to insert a module in header.tpl file in opencart 2.0 ? I have a module. Does not have the layout position option for that module. So i need to place that manually in header.tpl file. I am already tried this but not working for opencart 2.0. Please any one...

.htaccess redirect to subdomain only for homepage (OpenCart)

I want to redirect from to but I also want to make this redirect work ONLY for the main page. It's an Opencart page so all the pages have urls similar to so making a rule for the index file only is a no go from my...

How to display class or id function in opencart 2.0 if select option value?

<div class="form-group required"> <label class="col-sm-2 control-label" for="input-name">Type</label> <div class="col-sm-10"> <select name="name" id="input-name" class="form-control"> <option value="image" selected="selected">image</option> <option value="text">text</option> </select> </div> </div> I am using this code . In these if i select option image display only <div class="function1">Function1</div> If select option text display only <div...

opencart 2.x: How to identify which submit button was pressed?

On my front page in opencart I've got a panel with login (which says that user is logged or if not then asks for login and password) and it has IF condition inside the controller: if (($this->request->server['REQUEST_METHOD'] == 'POST') && $this->validate()) { The contact page also has the same IF...

Issue in defining custom variable & showing in category page in opencart

I am facing 1 weird issue in opencart. My version is My approach to show any custom variable's value in header & footer is....I go to language file & add a variable there then in controller file with $data['...'] & then use that variable in view file. But my...

Admin is showing different price to Front End

I have set up an OpenCart store for my Australian company. In System>>Localisation>>Currencies I created a new Currency for Australian Dollars with the code AUD. Then in System>>Settings>>Store Name>>Local I set the Country to Australia and the Currency to AU Dollar: But when I add a new product and set...

Opencart 2x Request multiple rows data

I try to make a simple image module. No errors, the only problem is data not saved(maybe)/not loaded everytime I visit this module back. Here's my code in controller: if (isset($this->request->post['photo_image'])) { $photo_images = $this->request->post['photo_image']; } elseif (isset($this->request->get['photo_image'])) { $photo_images = $this->model_module_photo->getProductImages($this->request->get['photo_image']); } else { $photo_images = array(); } $data['photo_images']...

Opencart mail error on mail.php line 168

I have recently updated opencart to opencart The day I updated, Mail stopped working. Now I am unable to register any user or retrieve password. I was happily using the mail before, now with the same settings I can't send any email. Following are the mail settings I...

Opencart shows variable instead text

my store suddenly starts to show just the variables, instead the text of the variable. i already check the controller, and it looks okay. the footer shows like this: text_address text_address_cnt and the content of theses variables is $_['text_address'] = 'Endereço'; $_['text_address_cnt'] = 'Endereço da sua loja'; the controller looks...

bug when I .load in opencart

I guys, I have this problem: I edited my checkout/cart.tpl and initially everything looks fine, but then when I "add cart" something the code changes automatically and everything be strange.. EXAMPLES: 1- Ok, when I enter in website and look to cart, everything looks fine 2- THE BUG/MISTAKE.. When I...

Add Slider Extension in Opencart?

I am Creating a Opencart Page with 1500 products. In homepage I want Slider Extension For Products With Time interval. . How can i Add the extension . . Help me Out Here. . For Extension Code.....

403 Error when trying to remove products from Cart

I am using a cPanel host and running PHP 5.5. Opencart version 1.5.1. When I try to remove a product from the cart I am getting a 403 forbidden error. This only seems to happen with products that have a lot of options and include text input options. I have...

Registration page of opencart

I want to edit my register.tpl file of registration process of my opencart page. I just want to keep the email, password and confirm password fields. When I remove all other fields including first name, last name, address etc and only leave in email, password and confirm password fields, it...

New template opencart

I already have too website with opencart, the first one with opencart et the second one with opencart I don't know really how it works, some people put it for me for the two first website. I want to buy a new template opencart for a new website,...

Opencart Payment gateway error after opencart 2.0 upgrade

We have a payment gateway called atom for our opencart store. Recently we have upgraded Opencart from to version. Due to this payment method stopped working. I have gone through this post to understand the changes in opencart 2.0 Below is my updated code //catalog/controller/payment/atompay.php <?php class ControllerPaymentAtompay...

How does free checkout work in Opencart 2?

I am trying to make a development site where I can add products to my cart and delivery options - and then checkout. I want to be able to do dummy orders without using real cards or payment gateways I have enabled free checkout but it does not appear on...

Adding price and total column in shipping invoice in opencart

Opencart by default doesn't show price and total in the print shipping at the admin side. So I added two more columns to the table in shipping invoice in order_shipping.tpl in admin/view/template/sale/order_shipping.tpl but I got the error as Notice: Undefined variable: column_price in /home/blossewp/public_html/admin/view/template/sale/order_shipping.tpl on line 69 Notice: Undefined index:...

Password Encryption Using opencart database for sitewide login

Hello hopefully I can be pointed in the right direction and gain some clarity as I am now confused. I have a website that also has opencart (Version attached the two are styled to look the same. I have come to a point where I need users to log...

Redirect non-www to www adding URL query string

I use SEO URL on my opencart using .htaccess, now I want to redirect all non-www URL access to URL with www. So I add these lines in my .htaccess file: RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} !^www\. RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://www.%{HTTP_HOST}/$1 [R=301,L] Yes now the URL is always redirected to www if it is...

How to install VQmod extension for opencart 2.0.x.x without using FTP

I have installed vqmod extension for opencart from following link I have followed installation steps till replaced files. Now, how I should upload Opencart modifications on localhost. On admin panel made following setting System->Setting->Store Edit->FTP FTP Host : localhost FTP Port : 22 FTP Username : XXXXXX FTP...

Opencart 2 - Custom shipping Methods

I was wondering whrere the shipping methods are set up in Opencart 2 - not in the Admin-Panel, but on the server and database. I would like to set up my own (stub-) shipping method without the use of Extensions - maybe by cloning and customizing an existing one, but...

Proper way to work using the real image of a product on OpenCart 2

I'm currently looking for the proper way to work on a theme using the real image of a product and not its thumbnail (identified as $thumb in the default theme). I have found a abrupt trick by adding a line in the controller file: $this->data['cover'] = $product_info['image']; But does anybody...

OpenCart 1.5: how to disable caching for SVG?

I think to use svg for images of brands - svg is responsive and good for displays with high DPI. But I have problem with caching mechanism of Opencart 1.5 than can't correct cache vector images and in browser I not see image. I not found (in search) any solution...

Change default country in OpenCart

I'm using latest version of OpenCart whenever I go to register page site/index.php?route=account/register it shows United states as default. I know how to change this default country to another default country. Here what I need is, if a user go to register page it will show please select instead...

Where is the “clearfix” DIV in OpenCart's featured.tpl

I am trying to locate the "clearfix" DIV in OpenCart's "featured.tpl", which is inserted in the live site but is not present in the actual template file. In the latest version of OpenCart,, and probably in older versions, for a reason I don't fathom, an extra DIV is inserted...

Show unit of weight in product page for Opencart 2

Hi! How to display the unit of weight (kg., gr., oz., ml.,) in product page in Opencart Now only displays a number without units. I'm Using the default template in file template\product\product.tpl it looks like this: ...<li><?php echo $text_model; ?> <?php echo $model; ?></li> <?php if ($weight) { ?>...

Opencart 2 - Echo Filter ID/Description in Category View

I'm working on a Opencart 2 - Project and need to echo the Filter IDs for each Product seperatly in Category View (e.g. as additional Classes for the Product-Thumbs, to apply different Styles to vegan/vegetarian food). I've been breaking my fingers for hours now, modyfing the Controller-, Model-, and View-Files,...

add custom header for checkout page in opencart

I want add a custom header for my checkout page of opencart store. I have a website in opencart store and I don't want to show categories and search button at my checkout page as user already ready for shop now he didn't need of categories and search button. So...

How to disable some criteria for product sort order in OpenCart?

By default there are: Default Name (A-Z) ... Model (A-Z) Model (Z-A) I want disable Default and few others. Is there any tool in administrative panel to do that or do I need to do it programmatically?...

Opencart exclude products or cagegory from specials page

I'm trying to exclude some products from specials page, because I have the a product "day dress product x" and "evening dress product x" it's the same product but different categories... And they are next to each other .. 2 products that looks the same only the name difference, so...

How to make vertical navigation bar in Opencart v2.0.1.1?

I am using Opencart V2.0.1.1. Please suggest how to change the default Opencart navigation bar(Horizontal) to the Vertical. With Sub-Categories popping in right side.

OpenCart text at login page doesnt get changed if I change lines in language files

I run an opencart shop with vqmod installed. I installed xml from opencart in order to force a login before reaching my shop. So it's a closed shop. I customized my login page inside css to hide all menu bars and I "copied" the language selector from the shop...

Fatal error: Call to undefined method in opencart

When i am trying to save a module details, it shows the below error, i don't know what is the mistake over there, but the data's are stored but every time i try to save i get this error. ERROR Fatal error: Call to undefined method ControllerPaymentIcicipg::redirect() in C:\xampp\htdocs\usa\admin\controller\payment\icicipg.php on...

Footer don't change Opencart

I am trying to edit the footer of my store. But nothing seems to happen. I have to add one more div in the content but it doesn't display on the store, neither the css. <div class="payment col-sm-12"> <div class="container"> <div class="row"> <p> <?php echo $text_payment; ?> </p> </div> </div>...

What is the proper way to use the Model in Laravel?

Can you help me with this? I am currently studying Laravel on my own and I followed the tutorials in the Laracasts and it is awesome. Before Laravel I am using CodeIgniter and Opencart in my projects and I started to study Laravel because I want to learn a new...

How to get current category id - OpenCart 2.0

I have a code for product tpl witch I need a condition if a category id=12 echo.. THe code below works on opencart but on 2.0 doesn't generate anything. <?php if(isset($this->request->get['path'])) { $path = $this->request->get['path']; $cats = explode('_', $path); $cat_id = $cats[count($cats) - 1]; } ?> <?php if (isset($cat_id)...