org-mode,beamer , How to add [t] option to column export to beamer in org-mode?

How to add [t] option to column export to beamer in org-mode?


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how do I tell org-mode to include the [t] option in a column in a beamer presentation?

I need the following exported code:

\item foo
\item bar

so far I have tried:

*** columna izq
  :BEAMER_col: 0.45
  :BEAMER_envargs: [t]

but it does not seem to work. I have checked but failed to find the solution.

Any tip?


Well ... using BEAMER_envargs is for the old exporter. BEAMER_opt should be recognized by the new exporter.

You could be interested by my "refcard" (still work in progress, though), available on


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