powershell , Check if file been updated in 3 days and send email when IF matches a specific date

Check if file been updated in 3 days and send email when IF matches a specific date


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I have been having some issues with this specific IF and ELSE statement in PowerShell. This is the first time I am attempting an IF and ELSE statement, so please be nice.

$Trend_virus_definition_up_of_date = Get-Item '\\<folder location>\<specific file.*>' |
    where {($_.FullName -match "<specific file.*>") –and
           ($_.LastWriteTime -ge ((get-date).AddDays(-3)))} |
    select LastWriteTime -Last 1

$Trend_virus_definition_out_to_date = Get-Item '\\<folder location>\<specific file.*>' |
    where {($_.FullName -match "<specific file.*>") –and
           ($_.LastWriteTime -le ((get-date).AddDays(-3)))} |
    select LastWriteTime -Last 1 

$trend_EMAIL_up_to_date_email_body = $Trend_virus_definition_up_of_date  
$Trend_EMAIL_NOT_up_to_date_body = $Trend_virus_definition_out_to_date  
$Trend_OUT_ofdate_SEND_EMAIL = Send-MailMessage -From <email address> -SmtpServer "smtp" `
    -Body "Trend Virus Definitions have not been updated since '$Trend_EMAIL_NOT_up_to_date_body'" `
    -Subject "Trend Virus Definitions have not been updated since '$Trend_EMAIL_NOT_up_to_date_body'" `
    -To <email address>
$Trend_UP_TO_DATE_SEND_EMAIL = Send-MailMessage -From <email address> -SmtpServer "smtp" `
    -Body "Trend Virus Definitions were last updated '$trend_EMAIL_up_to_date_email_body'" `
    -Subject "Trend Virus Definitions UP to date - Last Update '$trend_EMAIL_up_to_date_email_body'" `
    -To <email address>

if (($Trend_virus_definition_up_of_date.LastWriteTime) -eq (get-date).AddDays(-3)) {
} else {

I have been trying to get this to work and just seem to be missing something basic.


You're overcomplicating things. The statement

Get-Item '\\<folder location>\<specific file.*>' | where {
  ($_.FullName -match "<specific file.*>") –and
  ($_.LastWriteTime -ge ((get-date).AddDays(-3)))
} | select LastWriteTime -Last 1

could be simplified to

Get-Item '\\<folder location>\<specific file.*>' | where {
  $_.LastWriteTime -ge ((get-date).AddDays(-3))
} | select LastWriteTime -Last 1

because there's no need to filter for the same name twice (both in Get-Item and Where-Object).

The statement will return a date when the file was updated less then 3 days ago, otherwise the result will be $null. Thus you can use the returned value to decide which mail to send (PowerShell will interpret $null as $false in a boolean expression):

$definitionUpToDate = Get-Item '\\<folder location>\<specific file.*>' | where {
  $_.LastWriteTime -ge ((get-date).AddDays(-3))
} | select LastWriteTime -Last 1

if ($definitionUpToDate) {
  $msg  = "Virus definitions up to date."
} else {
  $msg  = "Virus definitions not up to date."

Send-MailMessage -Subject $msg -Body $msg -From ...

If you want to include the date of the last update in the message you could separate fetching the date from the check:

$lastUpdate = Get-Item '\\<folder location>\<specific file.*>' |
              select LastWriteTime -Last 1

if ($lastUpdate -ge (Get-Date).AddDays(-3))) {
  $msg  = "Virus definitions up to date."
} else {
  $msg  = "Virus definitions last update on $lastUpdate."

Send-MailMessage -Subject $msg -Body $msg -From ...


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