vim , Selecting a code block from middle of it

Selecting a code block from middle of it


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I can select a word when cursor at middle of the word by doing this --> v+i+w

But can i select a block from middle of it?

For example:

def foo(x):
    y = x + 5 --> cursor is in this line 
    return x * y

Is there way to select whole block by doing something like v+i+codeblock ?


The paragraph text object is built-in, so if your block is delimited by empty lines, vip (visual mode, select inner paragraph) will select it.

Apart from that, many plugins extend Vim's built-in text objects with custom ones. vim-dentures defines several generally useful ones based on indent. I've once seen one especially for Ruby blocks; you can search for such.

With my CountJump plugin, or the textobj-user plugin, you can even (relatively) easily define your own text objects!


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