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How to create a table in a form in Visual Studio


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How can I make a table, like an excel table, to show the contents of a two dimensional dynamic array in visual studio?

I see that in visual studio 2008 there was a table object to be added to a form, but I can't seem to find anything similar in 2013. Datagridview seems to do the job but it involves creating a SQL database?


The DataGridView is the solution. You don't need a SQL database. Just fill a DataTable with your data (row by row) and set the data source of the DataGridView as this DataTable.

 // Create and populate the datatable
 DataTable dataTable = new DataTable();
 DataColumn[] columns = {new DataColumn("ID"), new DataColumn("Value")};
 Object[] row1 = {"1", "Value1"};
 Object[] row2 = {"2", "Value2"};
 Object[] row3 = {"3", "Value3"};

 //Set the data source
 dataGridView.DataSource = dataTable;


Rails: get f.range_field to submit null or nil as default value

In my app, I have a range_field where a user can select 0..100. But if they don't select anything, I want the form to submit "null" or nil as the value rather than a numerical value. Is this possible? If I use the below syntax, then everything works except value...

Form not submitted using jquery

I have following form, <form method="post" action="test.php" id="offer1Form"> <input type="hidden" name="c" value="3883316"> <input type="hidden" name="qtyadd" id="qtyadd" value="1"> <input type="hidden" name="buyid" id="buyid" value="multi"> <input type="hidden" name="multi" id="multi" value="11,1;150,1;182,1;27,1; "> <input type="hidden" name="promocode" value="<?php echo $promote_code1?>"> <input type="hidden" name="continue" value="<?php echo "...

Codeigniter Form Validation Rule for match (password)

I am trying to write Form validation rules in my Controller to submit Change Password form in which I am checking the old password too. I am getting the old password(current) from db and placing it in a hidden input field. My Rules are simple and are given below $config=array(...

Exception in async task gets intercepted in Visual Studio

I want to run several tasks, some of which would complete async'ly, and then wait for all of them to complete. As the tasks may throw exceptions, I want to catch and log them. sample code for that: static async Task doit(int x) { try { Console.WriteLine("{0} {1} start", x,...

Javascript: Resetting variable value created by form

I've created a form whereby the user enters details which are stored in variables or calculated depending on user entry. When clicking the button, a message will be displayed showing a message with the cost variable. The form clears but the message remains. The problem I have is that the...

Form with 2 submit buttons

I have one form with 2 submit buttons. The form generates a URL. The 2 outputs of the form are: It writes a URL to a hidden div which displays when they click the Preview button, and It launches the same URL in a new window when they click the...

How do I make visual studio show exceptions that any method may throw?

I was wondering about how I can make visual studio show the exceptions that any method may throw, not just the .NET Framework methods (I am using C#). For example, here's a picture showing that when I hover over Console.WriteLine it says "Exceptions: System.IO.IOException". However when I do that for...

Javascript asynchronous calls to a function that updates DOM elements are overlapping and causing issues

The context: I have a form that asks for a zipcode, state, and city. Next to each input field I have two spans, one that shows a green checkmark if the input is good, and one that shows a red x if the input is bad. Naturally only one is...

How to map Visual Studio shortcut keys in Github Atom

How to map the shortcut keys in GitHub Atom just like Visual Studio. If anyone have keymap file kindly share. I tried to implement (Ctrl+K ,Ctrl+C) in github atom for comment. It didnt work. Also Ctrl-K,Ctrl-U to turn off comment 'atom-text-editor': 'ctrl-k+ctrl-c': 'editor:toggle-line-comments' ...

Using Try/Catch block to set file path?

I'm having a bit of trouble figuring out an assignment for my Visual Basic course. I am told to assume that a given text file is not in the \bin\Debug folder of my program, so I am trying to throw an exception error and get the correct path from the...

Entering data into mysql database using php

Customer will complete a form and enter a pathway where they will want the CSV to be exported to. The pathway is entered using the top section of the php (below): <form action="register.php" method="post"> Enter file pathway where CSV will be saved: <input type="text" name="username" required="required"/> <br/> <input type="submit" value="Enter"/>...

An exception of type 'System.FormatException' occurred in mscorlib.dll but was not handled in user code

I am attempting to multiply the values of dropDown to the user's inputted value in daysRenting. I am getting a format error with respect to the data types being used. dropDown uses doubles and daysRenting is an int. My problem lies in this line of code... How can I rewrite...

javascript onblur onMouseOver calculate tax and autofill form input

After 2 days searching I give up. I have a form and need to add (autofill) taxes to the input total price but in a easy simple way: <form name="form" action="go.php"> <input name="cost" type="text"> <input name="costplustax" type="text" value=" here we autofill cost +19%> <input type="submit" value="ready to mysql"> I can...

How to uninstall a program using C#? [duplicate]

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AngularJS: how to save data in an html form between routes

I am currently working with AngularJS. Now I am wondering how can you save data in an html form between routes (angularjs routeprovider)? Does anyone has an example, experience or a link, which can help me to solve this problem? It would be nice to know, because like that a...

Use Sync Framework without Installation

I developed an application, which uses the Microsoft Sync SDK for syncing Directories. But I want to run the application without installing the sync framework on every computer before. So is there a way to publish the application, including the framework in his program directory?

Enter causing postback even if no submit button is present

I have a form in page. Whenever enter key is pressed the page is posted back. I don't have any submit button in my form and using javascript to submit form. <div class="row-fluid" align="center"> <a id="saveConfirm" class="textDecorationNone"> <div class="btn btn-primary"> <i class="icon-ok icon-white"></i>&nbsp;Add </div> </a> &nbsp; <asp:LinkButton ID="btnCancel" runat="server"...

Node.d.ts issues errors using typescript compiler, how do I fix?

I have a project that's a NODE console application project using Visual Studio 2013. When I compile the solution I'm getting typescript errors as follows: Typescript wants a semicolon after export interface ReadableStream extends EventEmitter { readable: boolean; read(size?: number): string|Buffer; //Like this ----> read(size?: number): string;|Buffer; Which means I...

Form validation blocking the entire page

I have a form in an mvc application. If validation is triggered it disables every other button on the screen. I would like to allow the user to navigate away from the page where the form is, but I don't know how to do that. I tried to remove the...

Remove automaticaly entity in BD when choice value not selected (or null selected)

I would like to know if symfony/doctrine can manage automaticaly the fact that instead of setting the value of my entity to null it could symply remove it. (by removing it I mean the records where the value equal null) exemple: I have a PICTURE entity linked to a VOTE...

Django add an attribute class form in

My form class from django import forms class Form(forms.Form): your_name = forms.CharField(label='Your name ', max_length=100) My app file from django import forms from my_app.forms import Form from captcha.fields import ReCaptchaField def register(form): form.captcha=CaptchaField() register(Form) Code in add an attribute captcha but it is not on the page. I...

C# Referenced Namespace Hidden By Class Namespace

I have a class like this: namespace Token1.Token2.Token3 { public class Class1 { } } And another class like this: namespace Token2.Token4.Token5 { public class Class1 { } } The first class is a part of my project, the second class is from a framework library developed by another group...

Javascript/jQuery form validation

I got most of this form validation to work properly but the only issue is that when the form detects an error on submit and the user corrects the mistake, the error text won't go away. This can be confusing for the user but I can't seem to figure out...

Form controls not showing

I'm making a console application that shows a form. I created the form from scratch. When I run the program, the form shows, but the controls I added don't show. My code: using System; using System.Windows.Forms; using System.Drawing; namespace form { public class main { public static void Main() {...

How can I customize a drop-down list form element in django?

I am creating an application in django and I have the next problem: I create a form class in django, as I show here: class A(forms.ModelForm): class Meta: model = ModelA This way, the form will show a drop-down list with ALL the elements in the modelA, but what I...

Include file in solution explorer without it being a build dependency

How can I include a file in the list of files in solution explorer without including it as a dependency for compilation? I have a .targets file that generates .cs files, similar to the examples in this answer. <Project xmlns=""> <PropertyGroup> <CoreCompileDependsOn>$(CoreCompileDependsOn);GenerateCode</CoreCompileDependsOn> </PropertyGroup> <ItemGroup> <Sources Include="..\sources\*.txt" /> </ItemGroup> <Target Name="GenerateCode"...

Symfony 2 unable to pass entity repository to form

I have a form with a drop down and a set of checkboxes, i've used entity form field type to get the values via DB. it works with one of the entity but not with the other. i have this code seperately inside AddBadgesType there is NO AddBadges entity <?php...

Where to store an mp4 file in my project?

I have been studying for a couple of months now and I want to try something new. I have this sample project to try. It is a web browser and I want that if a button will be clicked, a video will play immediately. This is what my application...

Visual Studio Ctrl + F search freezes when including a '(' character

For some reason whenever I include the '(' character in a Ctrl + F search in Visual Studio 2013 the search bar never works. It doesn't matter what other text is included in the search bar. It doesn't matter if I choose to search on just the current document, or...

Having Users IP Address Showing In My Email Form [duplicate]

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php form get parameters from url and store it until the final page

I wrote a simple PHP survey application about movies and I am using one of the crowdsourcing services to collect data. In order to verify and rate workers, I have to generate VCODE ( in the final page and so workers can submit it as their proof of finishing my...

Visual Studio 2013 LINK : fatal error LNK1181: cannot open input file

I am using Visual Studio 2013. I'm trying to build some code given to me from my professor and I keep getting this error: LINK : fatal error LNK1181: cannot open input file 'C:\Users\manduchi\Documents\eyegaze\EyeGazeDemo..\Libraries\OpenCV\lib\opencv_core249.lib' However, on my computer opencv_core249.lib is located somewhere else. I've tried updating the linker directories to...

Multiple AJAX forms with the same ID on the same page

I have two AJAX newsletter subscribe forms on the same page (top and bottom). Both forms have the same ID. The top form works perfectly, however I'm unable to get the alert messages to appear in the bottom form. I found this question but wasn't sure how to implement the...

Angular submit not called when required fields not filled

I'm creating a form in Angular with Ionic. I don't want a red error class to be displayed unless a user has submitted the form. As such, my code looks like this: <form ng-submit="submit()" name="form"> <ion-radio ng-repeat="item in items" ng-model="data.type" name="type" ng-value="item.value" ng-class="{'error' : form.type.$invalid && formSubmitted }" </form> And...

Put form fields two per line in bootstrap form

I am using Twitter Bootstrap (version 3) and in the form, I am trying to put these fields two per line, but i cant figure it out how to do it.. Here you can see it in bootply what i have done.. <div class="col-md-10"> <div class="form-group"> <legend>1st sth</legend> <div class="col-md-2">...

C# SocketException was unhandled

I just went through a YouTube tutorial on tcpip servers and clients and was using the code from it: both part 1 and part 2. I have redone the code twice and have made sure that everything is the same. Whenever I run the server I get the error...

How to save a form which has been generated by overriding __init__?

I have a form - class PermissionForm(forms.Form): def __init__(self, *args, **kwargs): super(PermissionForm, self).__init__(*args, **kwargs) permissions = Permissions.objects.all() for permission in permissions: self.fields[] = forms.CharField() Now since I don't know the field names, so how do I write the save method for this form?...

finding file in root of wpf application

I'm trying to load a file with pack://application: The file is situated in the root of my project but I keep getting a null reference error. However When I do an absolute reference it finds the file and loads just fine. What am I missing here? This doesn't work var...

How do I make program with c# to check to see if a word is a palindrome? [closed]

so i'm trying to make a program (text based) that can scan a word you type into it to see if it's a palindrome or not so just a true or false outcome i'm a beginner with c# so please help me out! So far this is all i have...

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Run AJAX function on form submit button after javascript confirm() cancel

I have a form where and AJAX function runs on form submission to make sure that the data in the form doesn't conflict with data in the database. If a conflict is found, the AJAX function pops up a confirm() box. If the user clicks "OK", the form is submitted....

Controller method: Contact form should render different page depending on where the form is used

I have a contact form on a special page dedicated to this form. The dedicated controller includes: def new @message = end def create @message = if @message.valid? MessageMailer.new_message(@message).deliver_now flash[:success] = "Thank you!" redirect_to contact_path else render 'new' end end Now I would also like to include this...

Show only the requested forms using JS

As the image below illustrates, I have two forms and two buttons. Currently all the forms are visible. How can I only show the requested form "according to the option they have selected (from the blue buttons on the top)"? So, if the user clicked on the "send an invite"...

nuget security - malware installed by nuget packages?

Is it possible that you can be infected with malware by installing nuget packages? This is especially interesting when you think of Microsoft Visual Studio 2016 which will be fully dependent on Nuget....

delegated event on form in every table row changes only the first one

I have the following delegated event installed on a checkbox inside a form that is present in every row of a table: jQuery(function() { var isChecked; $('#order-statuses-onweek tbody').on('change', 'form #order_status_p', function(event) { return $(this).parents('form').find('#order_status_s').attr('disabled', isChecked($(this))).toggleClass('disabled'); }); isChecked = function(el) { return $(el).prop('checked'); }; My problem is that no matter which...

PHP+HTML: file not loaded from form

In my form a user can choose to upload a file. So, here's the correspondent field in the form. here is the html code: <p> <label>Allega fattura</label> <span class="field"> <input type="file" name="allegato_fattura" id="allegato_fattura" value="Sfoglia..." /> </span> and when the submit button is clicked, here we go: ... define("DIR_FATTURE","fatture/"); $fatturaFileName; $addedFattura...

Javascript into HTML form

Hi I am trying to implement a HTML form. Let's suppose it has 4 fields- Name , Age , City (dropdown- contains A,B,C,D) and Region. I want Region field to appear only when City selected is A or B and disappears if city is changed to C and D. Could...

How to Customize Visual Studio Setup

I have created a video chat application in c#. Now I wan to make a setup of it. I have created a setup using Visual studio's setup project but my client told me to customize the setup progress bar styles and other properties. i dont know how to do it....

PHP redirect page works only in localhost

I haven't found any solutions for my problem so I decided to ask. I would like to redirect my php script page after submitting a form, so I use header at the end of my codes! Interestingly, when I test it in my localhost, it works and redirects the page...

How do I communicate the form parameters from the template to the route in ember.js?

I have a form like this in a template: <form {{action 'add' on='submit'}}> <label for="name">Name</label> {{input value=name placeholder='Enter name' required="required"}} </form> Then I have the following route: import Ember from 'ember'; export default Ember.Route.extend({ actions: { add: function() { alert(this.get('name')); } } }); The alert is fired, but the output...