github,pull-request , How can I remove a participant from a GitHub pull request?

How can I remove a participant from a GitHub pull request?


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I've created a pull request and assigned it to one of my co-workers ("Brian") to review. He's since told me he's not available, so I've reassigned it to a different co-worker ("Geoff"). I now have a pull request with 3 listed participants: myself, Brian and Geoff.

How can I remove the original assignee (Brian) from the list of participants?


People automatically become participants when they interact with the PR (or you interact on their behalf, in this case), and I don't think they can be removed. However, Brian can unsubscribe from notifications in the PR's sidebar, and then his participation is purely historical.


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I have seen this post about no longer tracking a previously tracked file, but here is my situation. I previously committed a directory. I now want to untrack everything in that directory but still track the directory itself. I have added /auto-save-list/* to the .gitignore file (the directory I am...

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I'm trying to star a repository using the GithubAPI. This is done via a PUT request to /user/starred/:owner/:repo. I attempted to implement this feature in python using the requests library, but it isn't working. Here is a minimum working example: The constant are defined as GITHUB_API =, GITHUB_USER =...

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We 2 developers are working on a branch. I did 2 commits, and pushed them, and we later decided we didn't want them anymore. I did git reset -i <sha> to the sha before the 2 commits, and then force pushed it to the branch on github. The other developer...

GitHub API returned Url meaning

Take this very simple API as example, In the JSON formatted response, you'll find something like following, "following_url":"{/other_user}", "gists_url": "{/gist_id}", "starred_url": "{/owner}{/repo}", Ok, I know like the following_url, starred_url is something like a sub API which you can call to fetch who that user are following, or what repos...

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