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Remove blank space from Pivot Item in Windows Phone 8.1 App


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How to get rid of the blank space between a pivots item and the pivots borders?
I tried setting the margin and the padding to 0 but it does not help much. The reason I want to do this is the following - I figured that changing the template of the pivot to have a static ( not moving) header for three items is a bit hard and therefore I just put a StackPanel with three buttons above the pivot with three items, and I would manually select the pivot item in code behind when someone pushes the button. This approach is good enough for me, but has a certain flaw- a blank space between the items and the StackPannel , how can I remove it ?

<StackPanel Orientation="Vertical">
    <StackPanel Orientation="Horizontal"> 
        <Button Click="Button_Click"/> 
        <Button Click="Button_Click_1"/> 
        <Button Click="Button_Click_2"/> 
            <local:someControl /> 
            <local:someControl />
            <local:someControl /> 


You can use negative value as margin to remove that blank space. Simply try

<Pivot Margin="0, -25, 0, 0">

Replace 25 with your desired value.


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