table,networking,routing,ip , two lines with the same number of address destinnazione in ROUTING TABLE

two lines with the same number of address destinnazione in ROUTING TABLE


Tag: table,networking,routing,ip

I am studing a particular case in routing table. As the title i have this table for a particular router in a net:

destin.IP       Mask             NextHop            Interface    ---.---.---.---    m0    ---.---.---.---    m1        ---.---.---.---    m0       m0       m0       m0       m0       m0       m0       m0

In that table there are lines with the same IP address like       m0

and       m0

in this case which of the two lines is chosen for routing? Why?


ps: It is actually an exercise. I try to share the track on dropbox.

please see the ex. number 2


It depends on your OS/kernel/options. Some round-robin, some take the first (or last) found, etc.

However, there is also critical information missing from your routing table, probably. Most systems also have a weight or metric on routes which can prioritize one route over the other.

The output of ip route on my system shows

  default via dev optdmz 
  default via dev dmz  metric 10 
  default via dev optdmz  metric 20 

The metric shows which route will be chosen out of "three" options (though one is duplicated). Lowest number wins.

Running ip route get (if you have that program) will show which route is selected. See for information on round-robin routes.


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