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Facebook Graph API(Version 2.3) publish event on a page from CRM plugin/wflow using C#/JS


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In FB Graph API version 1 we had written a plugin and some js which used to push details of our campaign record in CRM to a predefined FB page as an event.

Now in Version 2.3 the publishing endpoint is missing from the GRAPH api.(events)

My questions are

1) Is there a possible way/workaround to achieve the same use-case using Version 2.3 2) Can my client pay Facebook so that they allow us to achieve the same.(publish an event on our company page from CRM)

If I have missed something in the new graph api, do let me know

thanks in advance.


As you correctly stated the ability to create events has vanished with the introduction of the Graph API v2.0.


You cannot create events via the Graph API.

I highly doubt there is a workaround, and if, it would be against FB's platform policies IMHO. Also, there is no way to do a "buy-in" as far as I know.


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Facebook Graph API(Version 2.3) publish event on a page from CRM plugin/wflow using C#/JS

In FB Graph API version 1 we had written a plugin and some js which used to push details of our campaign record in CRM to a predefined FB page as an event. Now in Version 2.3 the publishing endpoint is missing from the GRAPH api.(events) My questions are 1)...

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