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Bitbake recipe to have pre and post install action

I am writing an custom recipe for the Bitbake for an Makefile based project. We are able to create the RPMs with all the files place in the package but we are not able to find a way for pre and post install action. As the application runs as service...

Building QtWebEngine for Raspberry Pi2 using Yocto Poky - vcos_platform_types.h: No such file or directory

Context NUC on Debian 7.8 for building my images with Yocto Yocto Poky REQUIREMENT Q5 QtWebEngine + QML plugins + SSH TARGET Raspberry Pi 2 Heavily inspired by this excellent tutorial for Raspberry Pi Yocto Poky fido branch mkdir -p ~/yocto/dl cd ~/yocto git clone -b fido git://git.yoctoproject.org/poky poky cd...

What is the difference between do_compile[noexec] and empty function in bitbake recipe?

If I want to disable a particular build step, I can use either of these: do_configure[noexec] = "1" OR do_configure() { } What is the difference between these alternatives? I have heard there can be raise conditions when using noexec....

systemd service on Yocto Linux / edison for Node

I've got the following service that I'm trying to run on startup. I've made a service file: [Unit] Description=Denny node server start [Service] WorkingDirectory=/home/root Type=forking Restart=always StandardOutput=syslog User=nobody Group=nobody RemainAfterExit=true ExecStart=/usr/bin/node /home/root/server.js KillMode=process Environment=NODE_ENV=production [Install] WantedBy=multi-user.target I've dropped this in /etc/systemd/system/ then I run systemctl daemon-reload then systemctl start denny...

What is the difference between packages qemu and qemu-native in Yocto?

I would like to understand the relationship between the two packages because it seems that changing the source uri for 'qemu' causes build breakage for qemu-native. I am not a Yocot/Bitbake expert, so a bit of clarification would go a long way. Thanks....

How to INSTALL & RUN QML QtWebEngine & QtWebKit on SBC using Yocto / Unable to fetch URL from any source

Environment Debian GNU/Linux 7.8 (wheezy) Linux marvin 3.16-0.bpo.2-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 3.16.3-2~bpo70+1 (2014-09-21) x86_64 GNU/Linux Raspberry Pi 2 Yocto Poky Qt5 My goal is to run Chromium layout web engine on the RPi2 I want to be able to run this on my RPi2: import QtQuick 2.1 import QtQuick.Controls 1.1...

Using Yocto with a distribution using python3 by defaults

More and more Linux distributions use python 3.x as default python, but Yocto still uses python 2.7. How to use Yocto with one of those distributions?

Qt application trying to load platform plugin “xcb” instead of “eglfs”

Built Raspberry Pi 2 linux distro including Qt5.4 + QtWebKit + QML plugin using Yocto on fido branch See tutorial Testing with the following QML script [email protected]:~# more webkit3.qml import QtQuick 2.0 import QtQuick.Controls 1.0 import QtWebKit 3.0 ScrollView { width: 640 height: 480 WebView { id: webview url: "http://qt-project.org"...

ERROR while adding meta-oic layer to an Intel Edison image

I was trying to add meta-oic layer to a standard Intel Edison image using the procedure mentioned here. However after making the required changes in both bblayers.conf and local.conf, when I use the bitbake edison-image command, I am getting the following errors: NOTE: Resolving any missing task queue dependencies *ERROR1*...

is there a way to run storage statistics on a yocto-produced filesystem?

I used Yocto to build a filesystem, using a .bbappend of core-image-minimal. Two questions: how can i figure out which package is taking huge storage space on the rootfs? I can't think of a way other than to look into the ${D} of every package and see how big its...

How to specify package versions in a Bitbake recipe with multiple packages?

I have a single Bitbake recipe that creates several packages, declared by using the PACKAGES variable and specifying the contents of each package using FILE_package1, FILE_package2, etc. I would like to specify a different version string for each package, but they all share the version string stored in ${PV}. How...