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How to create UI with Mozilla Addon SDK?

I want to crate an extension for Mozilla Firefox which process HTML code and generates screen reader output in a new window. I need to create a UI window (without tabs, panels and addressbar) and i´ve only found a tab and window method in SDK API which opens a new...

(vb.net) Why GeckoFX 31 buildID cannot be detected by sites?

I'm building a web browser in vb.net using geckofx 31 and xulrunner 31. I need web sites to think I am navigating with a regular Firefox 31. If I run http://browserspy.dk/showprop.php with a regular Firefox 31 it detects the buildID (should be 20140716183446), but when I run it on my...

Firefox Add-Ons: Variable Is Not Defined In Console

I'm developing a Firefox extension. When I run it, I open up the browser console and it says, [name] is not defined. It's in "browser.xul." <?xml version="1.0"?> <?xml-stylesheet href="chrome://Uedit/skin/skin.css" type="text/css"?> <!DOCTYPE Uedit SYSTEM "chrome://Uedit/locale/translations.dtd"> <overlay id="Uedit-overlay" xmlns="http://www.mozilla.org/keymaster/gatekeeper/there.is.only.xul"> <script src="Uedit.js" /> <toolbarpalette id="BrowserToolbarPalette"> <toolbarbutton id="Uedit"...

XUL iframe firefox addon, how to change the src within the iframe?

I am developing a firefox addon, in my settings page dialog.xul i have an iframe where i load different settings pages page1.xul page2.xul page3.xul Iframe : <vbox flex="1"> <iframe id="iframe" src="chrome://xxx/content/page1.xul" flex="1"></iframe> </vbox> Within the iframe i need to navigate from page2.xul to page3.xul with the code in page2.xul My...

xul overlay for new menu in TB/Firefox main menubar

I'd like to add a new menu at the end of the main menu bar (file, edit, ...) after the Help menu via an extension i wrote. I already know how to add a new item to one of the menus by something like: <menupopup id="menu_HelpPopup"> <menuitem id="example-item" oncommand="alert('Hello!');" label="TEST"...

Should I specify the application when using the same XUL overlay?

Let's say I want to use a single overlay in three applications at the same time. Should I specify which line in the manifest file applies to which application? Here's an example of what I currently have: overlay chrome://browser/content/browser.xul chrome://myaddon/content/commonOverlay.xul application={ec8030f7-c20a-464f-9b0e-13a3a9e97384} overlay chrome://messenger/content/mailWindowOverlay.xul chrome://myaddon/content/commonOverlay.xul application={3550f703-e582-4d05-9a08-453d09bdfdc6} overlay chrome://navigator/content/navigator.xul...

XUL event listener for page load (in current tab only) or tab switch

Is there a simple script which will allow me to be notified if the a page is loaded in the current tab or if a new tab is now in focus?

Dumping SQLite database in time interval

I have XUL desktop app which stores data in SQLite database. To prevent too much data store in DB i want to create some kind of auto dumping system for my DB. My idea is to store timestamp of last DB dump so on every app boot to check for...