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Why does Process.Start(string) return null for a WMV file

So I have a WMV video file: var fileName = @"C:\MyFolder\MyVideo.WMV" and I am starting the video and getting my Process ID with the code: var process = Process.Start(fileName); if (process != null) { processId = process.Id; } Although my video file starts, process is always null. From Process.Start(string) MSDN...

ffmpeg: wmv files generated on Mac can't be played in Windows

On Mac OS X 10.6.8, I converted a animated gif to a video file in wmv (a requested file format) by using ffmpeg -i File.gif -s 400x400 NewFile.wmv The video file played fine using VLC on Mac. The file can't be played on a Windows 7 machine using the Windows...

Configure FireFox to stream .wmv

Problem: FireFox waits untill download completes before opening windows media player. Desired outcome: When download starts open Windows Media player and stream video. Currently Chrome and IE are performing as desired. Only FireFox waits for download to complete. Not sure if this is a FF configuration issue or the headers...