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Django-dashing creating your own widgets

Ive been trying to create a custom widget for my dashboard which runs using the django-dashing framework https://github.com/talpor/django-dashing http://django-dashing.readthedocs.org/en/latest/ My CustomWidget is defined like so: CustomWidget.py: from dashing.widgets import Widget class CustomWidget(Widget): title = '' more_info = '' updated_at = '' detail = '' value = '' def get_title(self): return...

Widgets to switch between screens

I would like to have in my activity the widget like this in the top of that screen. I do not think about clock, but about that 5 balls, and I want to use it the same way - when I change screen then white ball is changing too. I...

Qt: how to detect whether a widget is selected?

I didn't see any signal/slot/function that could tell me whether a widget is selected by mouse? Is it possible to have such an function to tell me whether the current QWidget is selected? And How could I differentiate between "the current widget is selected" and "one of its child widget...

changes axis of scatter plot with slider matplotlib python

I have a very large data set and want the user to be able to slide along the axis to view sections of the data. I'm trying to leverage off of the slider example but I'm unsure of how to update the graph. Hoping someone can explain some of the...

Missing argument 1 y 2 for WP_Widget

I have a problem and rather than try to see where this can not find it now. Wordpress returns me the following Warning: Missing argument 1 for WP_Widget :: __ construct () Missing argument 2 for WP_Widget::__construct() My code is: class WP_Mrw_Widget extends WP_Widget { function Mrw_Widget(){ $widget_ops = array(...

Custom WordPress widget is wrapping all other widgets below it

I am trying to write a custom widget to display our teamspeak server info. This is what I have so far: <?php /* Plugin Name: Site Plugin for RealmReborn.co Description: Site specific code changes for RealmReborn.co */ /* Start Adding Functions Below this Line */ // Creating the widget class...

how to localize today extensions widget?

our application has been support mutli region and languages,when i development today extensions widget and read App Extension Programming Guide still can't found a localize soluction. even if i created the Localize.strings file like a normal xcode project,define Localize.String File like: "scene_people_liked"="%d people like"; and use : #define NSLocalizedString(key, comment)...

Editing Wordpress Widget CSS

I'm working on my school newspaper's wordpress website, and I'm trying to indent the content of the rotating tweets widget by 15px. I've tried adding the following code to the wordpress theme editor's style.css sheet, but it hasn't made any noticeable changes: .rotatingtweet{padding-left: 15px;} When I add the same line...

Registering sidebar with or without hook

I'm little bit confused on it. When registering sidebar in a function file of Wordpress, we use register_sidebar() function and pass arguments in it. Without using any action hook, the sidebar works very fine. However, in the codex i've seen a action hook named 'widget_init' is used to register sidebar....

Problems while running Yii2 kartik Export Extension

I'm new to Yii and I'm developing a database application that reads tables from MySQL. I needed the user to be able to export data as CSV or PDF, so I downloaded Kartik Yii2 Export Extension. I don't know how am I supposed to configure my settings to run this...

How to use dygraphs and DT in slidify?

I'm trying to use the packages DT and dygraphs into my slidify presentation in R. However, it seems it's not as straightforward as I thought. Is there any extra command I need to add in order to use the htmlwidgets produced by the datatable() and dygraphs() commands?

Injecting data into a Durandal widget

I have made a "simple" alert widget called statusAlert to display messages when data fails to arrive as expected. Thus far I'm unable to get data into it. I figure that I could inject an observable into the widget, and display and populate the widget when the observable is set...

How To Show The Current Time in TextView in Widget

I want to show the current time in updatable textView I can't find the true way to make it I want it to be updated every minute Please anyone can help me ? Thanks

Filters in CGridView not filtering

Can You check why filtering is not working in CGridView? When i type for exaple 'Adam' in filter field, nothing happens. I can't find my mistake, everything looks ok but not working. I helped with that article: Yii: CGridView Filter examples CONTROLLER <?php class UzytkownikController extends CController { public function...

Get location of a widget to allow drawing a line from widget a to b

Hi I am working on adding a link between 2 classes on a class diagram to show their relation, the class diagram view allows for adding as many classes as the user wants. This is being done in SWT and the classes (which are a square button) are added dynamically...

Python Kivy make scatter unselectable

I am making animations in my Kivy app, but of all available classes, only scatter seems to animate properly. The problem is, when I touch the scatter, my on_touch_move() event simply doesn't work. I wanted to make unselectable scatter with self.do_rotation = False self.do_scale = False self.do_translation = False but...

Create a Widget system like WordPress without any framework

I have searched for this topic here and Google but I only found the solutions with PHP frameworks (for example, YII and Laravel) I am developing a simple CMS and I would like to add widget system just like WordPress ( Recent Comments, Categories widgets ) List available widgets. Users...

Extjs cannot read property error

I made the following extjs code, but I get the error "cannot read property 'dom' of null" when I add the properties 'width' and 'height' However the button is well resized and the table is working fine, but cause of this error my dropdown menu doesn't work properly. Does anybody...

How to activate the button in android only when required?

I have several text fields in my application. I want to save the inputs of those textfields. So the condition is, when all the text fields are full,then only the save button should get activated. until then it should be disabled. how can i do this? Please help. Thanks in...

Having trouble getting widget to display milliseconds

So I've been recreating a gamemode that Maiet made for gunz, called spymode. I have most of the inner workings finished, but I'm having trouble with a time display widget. I need it to display time in Minutes, Seconds, and Milliseconds (using int, not float). Minutes & Seconds work correctly,...

Tkinter: Does grid layout manager override the parent widget's predifined dimensions?

I noticed each time I create a Tkinter widget and set its dimensions either during the widget instantiation or by configuring them later, these last ones take no effect as soon as I add child widgets inside the parent one where I organize them using the grid layout manager. My...

CKEditor - How to use the Advanced Content Filter and widgets together in 2 editors

I've got 2 CKEditor instances. One editor (A) supporting a number of widgets, another editor B has an Advanced Content Filter with these settings to make sure only <p>, <br>, <em> and <strong> tags are allowed in the second editor: config.allowedContent = 'p br em strong'; My widget contains an...

Text widget to fill half of screen

I have a python tkinter program and i have two text widgets that need to be side by side. How can i get the two widgets to take up exactly half of the window which is 400 x 400 px ? My Code is here import tkinter class MyApp: def...

Wordpress Widget: Don't display $before_title and $after_title if title is empty

If the wordpress widget title is blank or empty, then don't display the $before_title and $after_title wrapping the title. Right now if the title is empty, you can end up with . If there are margins set for h2.widgettitle then you end up with blank space. In reality, $before_title and...

Use different library instead of jQuery Mobile for