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Android widget stops working after a while?

I have a flashlight app with a widget. The widget is used to turn the flashlight on and off and does not display main activity or anything. After a few hours, however, the widget does nothing. I mean if you click it, nothing happens. I have two classes to accomplish...

Includable Description on Blogger Blogspot

On the header widget, it has: <b:include name='description'/> And I want to reference it in the post-body (inside Blog widget), with: <b:includable id='description' var='a'><data:a.description/></b:includeable> But it wont print out the post description, is the code wrong? or it just cant be referenced across widgets? I've tried modify the header widget...

Extjs cannot read property error

I made the following extjs code, but I get the error "cannot read property 'dom' of null" when I add the properties 'width' and 'height' However the button is well resized and the table is working fine, but cause of this error my dropdown menu doesn't work properly. Does anybody...

Use different library instead of jQuery Mobile for