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typescript unable to add definition files to webstorm

i want to use baconjs with TS,but after copy baconjs def file for ts,i got that msg: bacon.ts(216,1): error TS1148: Cannot compile external modules unless the '--module' flag is provided. to solve that,i should add a file watcher with --module cmd for tsc,but i cannot find how to distinguish between...

Shortcut to move the cursor to certain characters in Webstorm

I've seen several videos where the user is using Webstorm and hits a keyboard shortcut which brings up a small input field that the user can type a letter, number or other character into. Webstorm then presents the user with several choices denoted by "A", "B", "C", etc. which the...

Browserify paths and Webstorm configuration

I build my project with gulp and use browserify. To make path resolution easier i configurated browserify var b = browserify('./app', {paths: ['./node_modules','./src/js']}); The problem is that WebStorm IDE don't know about this and doesn't help me with intellisense when i require files. For example intellisense does't work on the...

[WebStorm]: Change Debugging WebServer Project Root

Since recently, I've been using JetBrains WebStorm and I absolutely love it, but I do have an issue, and after hours of searching here and in the documentation, I decided to open my own question because I just don't find it. I do have a project which is stored on...

Code styling without modifying the binaries

On the WebStorm for example and I believe in any Intellij product. You can easily refeactor the code and style it as you like from the setting 'Code Style'. But, the styling and refactoring actually change the binaries of the file. for example if you decide you want new line...

IntelliJ/Webstorm not finding import reference

I have the following project structure: root src scripts main.js foo.js Inside of my main.js file, I'm importing foo.js like so: import 'src/scripts/foo.js' When I click on the import statement above and go to Navigate -> Declaration I get a super helpful message that says Cannot find declaration to go....

compass:dist & execFile(“compass.bat”, …) - Warning: spawn EPERM

First of all, I am pretty new to (modern) web development and I tried to import an existing project into my WebStorm and run a Grunt task. It stops at "compass:dist" with: $ node.exe C:\Users\lgr\AppData\Roaming\npm\node_modules\grunt-cli\bin\grunt --gruntfile C:\Users\lgr\workspace\js\rit-workshop\ui\Gruntfile.js buildall Initializing Command-line options: --gruntfile=C:\Users\lgr\workspace\js\rit-workshop\ui\Gruntfile.js, --verbose Reading "Gruntfile.js" Gruntfile...OK Registering Gruntfile tasks. Registering...

Prevent webstorm watcher from running on checkout new branch

Add the moment my less and handlebar files get recompiled every time I check out another branch. Is there a way to run the watcher only when file was saved and not when it was changed in cause of checking out a branch.

Stylesheets not showing up for Ionic App

I've built a small Ionic App in WebStorm using a simple tutorial for building a side-menu. It runs and everything when I bring it up in an emulator using Cordova, but none of the styling from Ionic seems to be working, even though it all appears to be part of...

WebStorm: Disabling language injection coloring

WebStorm is injecting the css coloring rules in my JavaScript. For example in the following code block... $('.navbar-collapse ul li a').click(function() { $('.navbar-toggle:visible').click(); }); Everything inside '.navbar-collapse ul li a' is colored according to the css color rules. I would like this to be colored like a normal javascript string....

'require' keyword not being recognized by webstorm

I'm using WebStorm as the IDE. Here's my folder structure and express.js insalled: But my sample code is not aware of the require keyword: var express = require('express'); var app = express(); app.listen(1337, function(){ console.log("ready"); }); Update Per Darin's answer Here's my package.json file which now sits in the root...

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