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How to select Chrome extensions to enable when using Selenium [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here: Using Extensions with Selenium (Python) 1 answer I am using Selenium web driver to develop an automated test using Chrome as my browser. I am using Python for this. I have an extension on my Chrome browser that I would like enabled...

How to break when found the item?

I have a web test code and I don't want to iterate over the rest after i found the item. This code iterate to all item and the finally return. How to resolve this problem, because in the each I don't break! isItemPresent: function (name) { var def = Q.defer();...

Windows phone emulator for web testing

I've installed win phone SDK with emulator included. I've trying to lunch the emulator for website testing without running VS. My VS 2012 is updated(which was required as I know), VTx is enabled properly as well. When I try to run CMD on C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft XDE\8.0 and enter this...

Selenium + not able to verify action success using flash message

if(<webelement>.getText() == "Flash_Message_text") System.out.println(<message to be printed>); else System.out.println(<webelement>.getText()); waitFor(3000); Once I perform an action and it is succefull then a flash message is displayed. As per above code, I am identifying the flash message and using its text to verify if action completed successfully or not. However, It is...

WebTestCase, Silex and $_GET

I'm experiencing some issues on a WebTestCase using Silex: on one of my controller's action, I need a parameter passed through a normal $_GET (I have to as it's an URL, and Apaches interprets the %2F if it's outside of the query string -- see Url Variables with %2f not...

How to pass a .cs parameter to Visual Studio WebTest QueryStringParameter?

I have created a webtest in visual studio to perform a test on a Rest API.I have some code that generates a random serial number that i need to pass into my QueryString parameter is there anyway to do this? I noticed that i can bind xml, csv and a...

How to upload file with Selenium on Equafy

I've created a test on equafy.com platform and I need to upload a file using Selenuim. In my case the file is png image, but I cannot find a way to upload any type of file.

What is the best way test to test simple logout and automatically logout with Protractor

What is the best way to test those scenarios: Simple logout How we can configure protractor to run some spec as latest? (Login configured in onPrepare()) Or Its ok, to do login, logout and after it login again because we have another test to run. Logout by timeout Just wait...

Testing my website for database performance & traffic handling [closed]

I am developing a website using Django1.7 on python3.4 along with MySql as database engine. For the next 15-20 days I am planning to test it. The site is something like linkedin in terms of functionality and complexity and I am expecting to get around 20-30 thousand users in the...