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Undefined symbols for architecture in watchKit

The error that Im running into is Undefined symbols for architecture arm64:. Below I have provided more in-depth screenshots. The source of the error according to Xcode is within the watchKit extension within the interfaceController. The Class is referenced from a dynamic library. If I actually CMD+Click the framework that...

WatchOS2 Watch Connectivity still require app groups in capabilities?

In the old WatchOS1, app groups was required for any sharing of data. In WatchOS2, Watch Connectivity replaces the old framework for communication. I was wondering if app groups is still needed?...

Interface Controller Title not changing during run time

I'm trying to change the title of my Interface Controller programmatically at one point during the app's lifecycle. However, this doesn't seem to be working when the app is running..? Is that intentional, a bug, or am I doing something wrong? Explanation: The way I've set it up is with...

How to send data from Iphone to Watchkit in OS2 in SWIFT

I want to send a dictionary from iPhone to Watchkit in watchOS 2. In watchOS 1 it works fine for me with appgroups but in watchOS 2 I know that we have to use WCSession but I don't know how to use it. Please help me find the solution....

Call openParentApplication the second time without calling reply for the first one

I call openParentApplication method in WKInterfaceController and in iOS waiting response from server. Then I want to cancel the operation for waiting response in iOS using openParentApplication again. But the first call didn't call reply so the second I call openParentApplication it not fire the handleWatchKitExtensionRequest. Need to wait the...

WatchKit: How to bring the GLANCE INTERFACE onto the watch display?

I have been learning the new WATCHKIT framework since last few days. Everything seems quite good stuff from Apple documentation. Link But, I am not clear how does the GLANCE INTERFACE comes to foreground? Does watchkit handle that or we need to call explicitly? If watchkit handles that, then when...

WKInterfaceTable & setNumberOfRows get crash “unexpectedly found nil while unwrapping an Optional value”

I'm working with WatchKit, I have a simple interface with only a table but I get an error with just a few lines of code, maybe I forgot something really basic. My interface: the row inside the table has the identifier: and the custom class: The controller is implemented by...

WatchKit Table is Blank

I'm trying to create a table on WatchKit. For some reason the app is just blank when launched in WatchKit. I've confirmed that it's a table problem (I added a static label and was able to see it). I believe I have all IBOutlets hooked up properly as well. What...

Possible mixing of page based and hierarchical structure in watchkit

The Apple Watch programming guide points that you can not mix page based views and hierarchical structure, but I am not sure if my navigation scheme would fall in this mixing. The structure I am trying to accomplish is an initial page based navigation. Then, once you tap a page,...

Set different font styles for WKInterfaceLabel with multiple lines

I'm developing an apple watch app - it consists of two tables that contain labels. These labels have two lines of text, I want the second line of text to have a different font style to the top line How can I do this in swift? Thanks everyone...

Apple watch page based without arrow to go back

I have a initial controller, that have a button with push segue to a dynamic page based navigation, when I do segue the go back arrow disappear, and I can not return to the initial view, how can I add a go back arrow to return? when I go to...

Apple Watch Remote App

I was wondering how the Apple Watch Remote app is able to detect swiping gestures and taps on an area that does not look like a button. Is this restricted to Apple only at this time, or is there a way for developers to take advantage of this?

How to implement a Table in iOS WatchKit

I'm going through this simple tutorial on how to create a table in WatchKit in xcode: http://natashatherobot.com/watchkit-create-table/ I'm pretty sure I've done everything properly however I'm getting this following error: Not quite sure what I've done wrong. Any help resolving it is appreciated. Thank you!...

WatchKit: Paging only for groups or a single area of the screen?

I would like to use the pages function only for one area (group) of the screen. Is this possible? The label "Test" should not move, when moving over to the screen "2": ...

How to do in-memory and on disk data caching in watchkit extension?

I have an ios app which sends data in key value pairs to watchkit extension, so now I want to cache that key value pairs both in memory and on disk at watchkit extension. So what is the best way to do this?

Watchkit & Realm 0.92.3

The Swift integration of a new Realm-DB (realm 0.92.3) under Xcode 6.3 and iOS10.10.3 basically works for the iPhone (not for the Apple-Watch yet). The integration of the same realm-framework under Watchkit (i.e. Apple-Watch) does not work yet. The RealmSwift.framework is integrated (dragged into) the Embedded-Binaries as described here1 and...

WatchKit Extension bundle identifiers

I am trying to build my app but the wild fails. I am shown the message below. error: WatchKit Extension doesn't contain any WatchKit apps whose bundle identifiers match "com.domain.appname.watchkitapp". Verify that the value of WKAppBundleIdentifier in your WatchKit Extension's Info.plist matches the value of CFBundleIdentifier in your WatchKit App's...

Apple Watch - how to change the background color in navigation

Can we change the color in navigation from black to the color white? ...

How to implement scrollToRowAtIndex:animated: method in WKInterfaceTable

in WKInterfaceTable class,there is a method called scrollToRowAtIndex:(NSInteger)index,it just scrolls the row at the specified index into view with scrolling animation.I know that there isn't a method called scrollToRowAtIndex:(NSInteger)index animated:(BOOL)animated,but I am wondering if there is a workaround to disable scrolling animation effect when scrolling the table.Thanks in advance. :-]

WKInterfaceButton response time

My Watch app contains a number pad created from WKInterfaceButtons. Quite basic, every button represents digit (0-9) and has an IBAction that updates one WKInterfaceLabel. IBActions don’t contain any heavy work (no web service calls or core data updates), just concatenation of the selected digit to the already entered number...

Apple WatchKit with Xcode 6.3.2 - not able to create a project?

I'm using Xcode 6.3.2 (6D2105) but when i try to create a project for or with the watchKit there is no template for watchKit or the apple watch. What do i need to download or install in addition to create project for the apple watch?

How to send data back to the previous interface controller?

I would like to update the button title (grey button) in the first interface controller by pressing on the blue button in the second interface controller. I was able to use the counter in order to update the label, but how would I do to send the result back to...

Get WatchKit interface controller instances created with presentControllerWithNames:contexts:

I'm presenting a page based modal using [self presentControllerWithNames:self.controllerNames contexts:self.controllerContexts];, where controllerNames is just an NSArray of NSStrings containing my interface controllers names. The problem is that I would like to access the created controllers. The documentations says that WatchKit loads and initializes the new interface controllers and animates them...

WKInterfaceTable detect which row selected

I just need to check which row was selected to pass data between WKInterfaceController. Here is my code, but NSLog doesn't show anything: - (void)loadTableData { NSArray* items = [NSArray arrayWithObjects:@"cell 1 ",@"cell2 ", @"cell 3",@"cell4",nil]; // Configure the table object (self.todoItems) and get the row controllers. [self.myTable setNumberOfRows:items.count withRowType:@"DinoNameRow"];...

'openParentApplication(_:reply:)' has been explicitly marked unavailable here - Xcode 7 Beta

After updating to Xcode 7 beta, I receive the following error message: "'openParentApplication(_:reply:)' has been explicitly marked unavailable here", when running the line of code "WKInterfaceController.openParentApplication" Here is my actual code: func getData(messageText: String) { let infoDictionary = ["message" : messageText] WKInterfaceController.openParentApplication(infoDictionary) { (replyDictionary, error) -> Void in if let...

How to add a Notification Scene to WatchKit target after it has been created?

I have already created a WatchKit Target without a notification scene, or glance scene. Is there any way I can add either of those two scenes after the target has been created?...

Apple watch standup detection

I am now working on a app dealing with user's motion on the Apple watch. As shown on the Apple Watch, it recognize when you are sitting or standing. Is there any way to get access to it using API? Thanks

Display both alertTitle and AlertBody on a custom WatchKit notification

When I send a local notification to the Apple Watch with both an alertTitle and an alertBody, both fields get displayed on the long look notification. But when I customize this with a Static Notification Controller Interface Scene, the default storyboard in XCode only has one field, which gets populated...

Create WatchKit PNG Animations

I understand how png animations work, however i'm having a hard time doing them. IS the best way really to open photoshop and draw things one frame at a time? I want to create a simple circle being drawn, so far I'm to frame 30 of 120, i'm adding shapes...

Can a button contain a group in an Apple Watch app?

I am trying to set an image inside a button (not background image) on Apple Watch. Is there a way you can put a group inside a button? I know we can do it the other way around.

How do I call the CoreData proxy framework from WatchKit Extension?

I have set up an iPhone app in Xcode and added a Cocoa-Touch iOS framework to handle the data as per apple's suggestion. Basically, I've done everything in this tutorial: http://www.telerik.com/blogs/send-data-to-apple-watch-with-core-data-and-telerik-ui-for-ios-in-swift On the iPhone side it works fine calling the functions however if I try to call the exact same...

My WatchKit wkinterfacetable won't scroll

Despite having more elements than fit the screen I can't seem to get a scroll behavior via touch or scroll wheel in the simulator or actual watch. ...

Getting WebService response from Block to WatchKit App

I'm currently working on making one app compatible with AppleWatch, For that I'm calling one WebService, the problem is I'm getting WebService response in Block, and reply() block is not getting called there showing error. Error, The UIApplicationDelegate in the iPhone App never called reply() in -[UIApplicationDelegate application:handleWatchKitExtensionRequest:reply:] My Appdelegate,...

iOS app crashes immediately when debugging AppleWatch app on Simulator (not on device)

I've got an AppleWatch app that is working fine in Simulator and Device, but when I call openParentApplication, it appears that the parent app is crashing immediately because I see this in the console output: The UIApplicationDelegate in the iPhone App never called reply()... When I try to manually launch...

iOS Remote Notification Action Buttons not always present

After following all the instructions presented here the Apple Watch notification does not consistently show the action button I have set in the notification settings during remote notification registration. I am using Pushwoosh as a service and made sure that the remote notification JSON data I am sending to Pushwoosh...

Payload for the Watch App Notification

When creating a new Apple Watch App in Xcode, the following APNS payload example is created: { "aps": { "alert": { "body": "Test message", "title": "Optional title" }, "category": "myCategory" }, "WatchKit Simulator Actions": [ { "title": "First Button", "identifier": "firstButtonAction" } ], "customKey": "Use this file to define a...

WKInterfaceSwitch switchAction(value: Bool) value is always false Apple Watch

I'm currently developing an Apple Watch App. I used WKInterfaceSwitch to toggle the state of something. In my WKIntefaceController I connected the action that is called when the switch is toggled. @IBAction func switchAction(value: Bool) { NSLog("\(value)") } When I run the project in the simulator the console output obviously...

Can I debug code in the parent iOS App when it is awoken by a WatchKit App/Extension?

I want to debug code in the application:handleWatchKitExtensionRequest:reply: method of my AppDelegate. If I debug the WatchKit App then when it launches the iOS App to call this method, the debugger is not attached. Is there a way to get the debugger to attach to the iOS App when it...

Detect WatchKit extension presence in app

I have an app that I want to behave a bit differently when it comes to updates and caching if a WatchKit extension is installed on your paired Apple Watch than if it is not. If the watchkit extension has any chance of launching (you have paired a watch and...

Assign min and max values to WKInterfaceSlider in code

I want to assign the minimum and maximum value forWKInterfaceSlider ( WatchKit ) in the Swift code, not through the interface because I will get new values ( prices ) from the server. which won't always be the same. In my current code I receive an error when i use...

WatchKit: Handoff from static interface of Long Look?

Our app has implemented the handoff functionality between push notification on the Apple Watch (in our WKUserNotificationInterfaceController subclass) and the main iPhone app. It works with dynamic interface of the notification long look. However, when I open a notification from the notification center on the Apple Watch (thus resulting in...

Check if image with name is set (WatchKit)

I'd like to check if an image with the name "image.png" is set to the image view "imgView". I know how I can do this with Swift in the normal ViewController.swift but don't know how I can do this in the watch kit extension (InterfaceController.swift). Does someone of you guys...

Why does method rowControllerAtIndex of WKInterfaceTable return nil?

When I run the code below, the method rowControllerAtIndex of WKInterfaceTable returns nil. [self.outletTable setNumberOfRows:numberOfCategoriesToShow withRowType:@"rowTypeLabel"]; RowControllerTypeLabel *theRow = [self.outletTable rowControllerAtIndex:rowInTable]; What I've checked: I have made the connection between the row in the storyboard and the corresponding property in the interface of RowControllerTypeLabel. I have set the field Custom...

Increase a counter in the first interface controller by pressing a button in the second interface controller

I would like to increase the value of the property in the first interface controller in the IBAction (Add1) method of the second interface controller and then use the value of this property to update the label when the first view controller is activated I was able to increase the...

Prevent deploying (disable) WatchKit App with iOS iPhone App in Xcode

We've got an Xcode project with build configurations for the Apple Watch as well. Our Apple Watch app isn't ready yet, so we'd like to release with it disabled. What's the best way to disable Apple Watch functionality in a build?

watchOS 2 working with CocoaPods

Has anyone gotten CocoaPods working with watchOS 2? I tried using ‘use_framework!’ with ‘platform :watchos, ‘2.0’ but it says "[!] Invalid Podfile file: Unsupported platform watchos2. Platform must be :ios or :osx.. Updating CocoaPods might fix the issue.” I am on the latest version of CocoaPods....

NSUserDefaults not working on Xcode beta with Watch OS2

I just installed the latest beta of Xcode to try Swift 2 and the improvements made to the Apple Watch development section. I'm actually having an hard time figuring out WHY this basic NSUserDefaults method to share informations between iOS and Watch OS2 isn't working. I followed this step-by-step tutorial...

How to turn off automatic install of Apple Watch extension?

We are looking at adding an Apple Watch extension for our current iOS app. One of the requirements is that the watch extension not to be automatically installed on the user's watch upon update of the iOS app. For security reasons we would like to ask the user to specifically...

How to share keychain data between a WatchKit extension and an iPhone app

I am unable to share data between WatchKit and an iPhone app using a shared keychain. When I am trying to use kSecAttrAccessible as kSecAttrAccessibleAlways in keychain wrapper, SecItemUpdate failed. Please help me to use kSecAttrAccessible in keychain wrapper properly.

Can I scroll WKInterfaceGroup programmatically?

I have a label with a long text and a button inside a WKInterfaceGroup. Can I scroll the group to top on the button's touch handler?

WKInterfaceTable's didSelectRowAtIndex never gets called in WKInterfaceController

I have a WKInterfaceController and I added a table as following: // .h @interface InterfaceController : WKInterfaceController @property (weak, nonatomic) IBOutlet WKInterfaceTable *table; @end // .m - (void)table:(WKInterfaceTable *)table didSelectRowAtIndexPath:(NSIndexPath *)indexPath{ NSLog(@"did select"); } - (void)table:(WKInterfaceTable *)table didSelectRowAtIndex:(NSInteger)rowIndex{ NSLog(@"did select new"); } However neither of the two methods gets called....

WKInterfaceMenu sets model InterfaceController as root InterfaceController

When bringing up a menu from a modal WKInterfaceController presented from the rootController via presentControllerWithName:context:, the modal controller becomes the root controller: <— Modal (see Cancel) <— Menu <— Root? (no Cancel) Is this a WatchKit bug, or are modal controllers not meant to have menus? "Solution" Since this is...

Communication between watch app and parent iphone app

Requirement :My Watch app will show latest data from our server. I tried : To implement this thing I used WKInterfaceController.openParentApplication(requestDict, reply: { (returnedObject, error) -> Void in if (returnedObject != nil) { //loading interface data here } }) In my app delegate function I used - (void)application:(UIApplication *)application handleWatchKitExtensionRequest:(NSDictionary...

What is the maximum storage limit for app group containers shared between an iOS app and its extensions

I have created WatchKit extension for my app. Both share a common app group container to store and fetch data files. What is maximum storage limit for that app group container shared between my app and its extensions?...

Share image On facebook in watchKit using the Social sdk

i want share the image on Facebook in iWatch kit now problem occur in one line need help if SLComposeViewController.isAvailableForServiceType(SLServiceTypeTwitter) { var twitterSheet:SLComposeViewController = SLComposeViewController(forServiceType: SLServiceTypeTwitter) twitterSheet.setInitialText("Share on Twitter") self.presentViewController(twitterSheet, animated: true, completion: nil) } Now problem in last line code the error is this classname does not have a...

How can I capture a table row press action in Swift WatchKit?

I currently have a table with some dynamic rows. When I run the probject the rows display on the screen and even have a press animation but xcode won't let me wire up the table row as an IBAction to its controller. I can't use a segue in this instance,...

Take a snapshot of a Group element with WatchKit & save to camera roll

I'm trying to programmatically take a snapshot of a Group element and its contents (a text label) and save it to the camera roll. I would usually do something like this (see code snippet) for an iPhone app but with WatchKit the Group element has a different structure to a...

Add Apple Watch to iOS app that has deployment target IOS 7

When I try to add Apple Watch to my project that support IOS 7+, I get an error that in order to add Apple Watch deployment target should be minimum 8.2 When I checked instagram, it provides Apple Watch support and they support IOS 7 also. How can I add...

Why is method “willActivate” in “WKInterfaceController” already called for the next page?

I just realized that the method willActivate of WKInterfaceControlleris already called for the next page (not only for the current page). Is this a new "feature" or a bug? I could not find anything about it in Apple's WatchKit documentation. How can I avoid initializing page 2 automatically when only...

check if switch is on boolean watchkit

In Swift using iOS I used to be able to do: if mySwitch.on { myLabel.text = "The Switch Is In The On Position!" }else{ myLabel.text = "The Switch Is In The Off Position!" } but how do I do if mySwitch.on {} in WatchKit Swift I saw on apple it...

IBInspectable & watchkit

Can I use IBInspectable at the watchKit ? When I mark a string as IBInspectable, I can see and set it at the relevant watchKit App storyboard, but when I set it, it actually does nothing.

WKInterfaceButton event handling in WKInterfaceTable

I have a WKInterfaceTable table view with a WKInterfaceButton. How can I add a target action to the button from the table view. As there is no tag property I am not able to handle it. ...

Cannot specify setter 'setTitle:' for properties of NSObject or WKInterfaceController

I am trying to set up a WKInterfaceTable. I followed Apples docs. My Label is not getting text and I get this error message in console: Cannot specify setter 'setTitle:' for properties of NSObject or WKInterfaceController How can I fix this? Objective-C please. Here s my code: .h #import <Foundation/Foundation.h>...

Can WatchKit WKInterfaceGroup be a Button?

(using iOS8.3, Xcode6.3, OSX10.10.3) Hi, I wonder if a WatchKit WKInterfaceGroup can be a Button ?? In my watchkit-application, I would like to maximize the touch-surface for a particular action. I know that one can place one or more buttons in a goup (next to other things like labels, images...

Swift - label not updating in WatchKit from delegate callback

I know the first question will be "are you running the code in the main thread" and the answer is yes, I am. I have an Interface Controller present a modal, and I use a delegate callback to dismiss the modal and update a text label. Here's the code: The...

iOS WatchKit / Swift - Lazy Loading images in WKInterfaceTable rows

In my Apple Watch app, I have a table with about 25 rows, and each one has a few bits of text and an image that needs to be loaded from the internet. Similar to an Instagram-style feed, but these are profile images of about 8k each. When I build...

WatchKit return reply() inside a block in handleWatchKitExtensionRequest:

I saw this SO post where apparently data was being fetched and returned to the Watch extension like so: - (void)application:(UIApplication *)application handleWatchKitExtensionRequest:(NSDictionary *)userInfo reply:(void ( ^)( NSDictionary * ))reply { if ( [[userInfo objectForKey:@"request"] isEqualToString:@"getData"] ) { // get data // ... reply( data ); } } But when...

Segue must be modal with page navigation

I'm developing an app for Apple Watch that there is a scene with a table. When I select a row it pushes another scene perfectly. However when I added another scene and created the relationship of next scene with the first one the rows stopped working.I had to change the...

Strange Loading Issues in Watchkit iwatch

In iwatch app, my notification is called and I get the updated data in string. In NSLogs I verified, but my iWatch Label is showing the old data only, seems like UI cannot be reload, the text in the label is not set. Does anyone know this issue and how...

iOS / Apple Watch: iPhone app network request callback blocks not triggered when app is in background

My Apple Watch app sends a message to the companion iPhone app. In the main app's handleWatchKitExtensionRequest, I send a request to the server: - (void)application:(UIApplication *)application handleWatchKitExtensionRequest:(NSDictionary *)userInfo reply:(void (^)(NSDictionary *))reply { if ([[userInfo objectForKey:@"request"] isEqualToString:@"getPendingChallenge"]) { [MyClient getPendingNotifications:someId withDomain:host withSuccessBlock:^(id responseObject) { // process responseObject ... reply(response); return;...

reloadRootControllersWithNames hides title and status bar, watchkit

When trying to user reloadRootControllersWithNames, after my views all load their titles disappear along with the rest of the statusbar. Is there something that specifies showing and hiding the status bar and title in Watchkit? Code: [WKInterfaceController reloadRootControllersWithNames:@[ @"SystolicEntryController", @"DiastolicEntryController" ] contexts:nil]; ...

How to delete a row in the 1st Interface Controller by pressing a button in the 2nd Interface Controller ( Modal View )

I have a table in the 1st interface controller , when a press on a row , a modal interface controller opens up , it contains a button. I want the button to delete the row in the first interface controller. Here is my code : In the first interface...

openParentApplication only works when the app is running in the foreground

I'm trying to request data from the server by using openParentApplication and use it in the watch extension, but I don't get anything back when the main app is not running in the foreground. When the main app is running in the foreground everything works fine.

WatchKit-Distinguish among tables in table(table, didSelectRowAtIndex)

I have 2 tables in my WKInterfaceController. Clicking on their rows will push to different WKInterfaceController. I need to use override func table(table: WKInterfaceTable, didSelectRowAtIndex rowIndex: Int) because I need to pass a context object. How do I tell which WKInterfaceTable row is clicked? Something like this: override func table(table:...

Can I use ClockKit with a custom background image and complications at the same time?

I would like to use a watch face with a custom image (as shown during the WWCD'15 keynote) and, at the same time, show complications. How can I do this? I have studied the ClockKit documentation but could not find a way to do this. Update: It seems that watchOS...

Trigger UILocalNotification from WatchKit

I have an Xcode project in Swift with the following targets: iOS App WatchKit Extension / WatchKit App "Common" Project, used by the "main" project and by the extension In the common project I have the following code: public class func scheduleNotification(seconds: Int) { var notification = UILocalNotification() notification.fireDate =...

What is the best way to show a message on Apple Watch independently of the active interface controller?

I would like to display a local message (generated by WatchKit code) on the Apple Watch. My problem is that the message may be triggered by a code segment outside of the currently active interface controller. What is the best way to modally present a new interface controller independent of...

How to get UDID for Apple Watch

Is there any way to extract UDID for Apple Watch? I have clicked on icon button inside watch but did not find anything?

Communicating Updates between iPhone and Watch with SharedData

I have a shared core data backing my iPhone app and WatchKit Extension. They both function well independently, but I'm worried about concurrent use. In the Extension, I have a UITableView that has an array of data. Right now it just grabs that array from the shared core data during...

How to make Background image transparent in iWatch Watchkit

I want to make the background image transparent so that the above text can be visible on it. But in WatchKit, we can only set the Group as a background image and if we make the group alpha less so whole UI lets transparent. I want something like Pandora app,like...

Sharing data in the documents directory in iPhone and Watch app

How do I use App Groups to share data, such as images, in the documents directory? If this is not possible what is the best way to share images between the Watch App and the iPhone app? I can store the image binary data in coredata but this is not...

WatchKit crash on sendResponse

My app is crashing and I can't track down the bug. Its telling me on the crash: Assertion failure in -[UIWatchKitExtensionRequestAction sendResponse:], /SourceCache/BaseBoard/BaseBoard-98.3/BaseBoard/BSAction.m:221 **Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInternalInconsistencyException', reason: 'this request has been neutered - you can't call -sendResponse: twice nor after encoding it'** **First throw call stack:...

Issue with nested Framework for Watchkit Extension

My Watchkit app does not work in production (TestFlight && rejected from AppStore). I think the issue come from a nested framework. Here the architecture : I've made a framework "ModelLayer" (Cocoa Touch Framework) with the app's model, so it can be shared across all targets. This framework use another...

Apple Watch notification center

What is that notification's in the notification center called? Is it just notifications? How to view it: After a notification shows up: ignore the notification, go to the watch home screen, go to the clock app screen, drag from the top to the bottom of the screen to see the...

WatchKit “unexpectedly found nil while unwrapping an Optional value” when accessing IBOutlet in Glance on actual device

I have a Glance and some WKInterfaceLabels. I use setHidden() on them in override func willActivate() depending on some conditions. class GlanceController: WKInterfaceController { @IBOutlet weak var lName: WKInterfaceLabel! ... override func willActivate() { // This method is called when watch view controller is about to be visible to user...

How to update UI with WatchKit?

I created a sample watchkit app and I dragged a UIButton and UILabel into the storyboard app scene. I was able to hook up the UIButton to the interface controller and got it to update the UILabel. But the label.text was not reflected in the simulator. Nothing changes. Do I...

navigate to back page in page based interface on event programmatically

My application is page based, i want on one event my app swipe to left page programmatically.i tried using becomeCurrentPage method but how to use it in this case. please help. any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks

Use of unresolved identifier 'WKExtension'

i want to make a phone call from Apple Watch too. I imported WatchKit. Then i put this code in my method: if let telURL=NSURL(string:"tel:5553478") { let wkExtension=WKExtension.sharedExtension() wkExtension.openSystemURL(telURL) } It shows me an error: Use of unresolved identifier 'WKExtension' in line 2. I don't know what I am doing...

Load second app interface in a segue

Basically what I want to do is depicted in the image below: However this only loads the middle and third interface, the first is hidden both from swiping onto and in the circle indicators at the bottom. I'd like to be able to load the second interface and swipe left...

How do I open the Maps App in Apple Watch with a specific Location?

Right now, I have an Apple Watch App, that displays a map with a few locations. Playing around with my Apple Watch, I realized that if you tap on the map, it opens up the Apple Watch Maps. My main question is, how do I set it so that, when...

How to hide the back button from the status bar on the Apple Watch?

I want to hide the back button from my Apple Watch app from the status bar. I used the programmable segue to navigate. But I want to to hide/disable the back button. Is it possible?...

How to get the text out of a WKInterfaceLabel

It seems that labels are a bit different on the Apple Watch! I have the following label created : @IBOutlet weak var playerNameLabel: WKInterfaceLabel! Then writing the label is no problem (with the "setText" method) let someString = "Hello" playerNameLabel.setText(someString) But how do I get the text out of such...

How trigger background process from Watch on iPhone (trigger: Watch)?

I'd like to add to my Watch app functionality which send to iPhone app a Local Notification (while iPhone app is on the background or iPhone is locked). I know how to create Local Notification itself. What Im asking for is way, how to trigger background process (which contains also...

Change watchkit controller title font size

Very basic question. How to change the font size of the title of a Watchkit Controller? I have thoroughly searched Apple's documentation and other stackoverflow question and couldn't find the answer to this specific topic.

How can I avoid the error “Error Launching 'AppName' WatchKit Extension” when trying to build and run a WatchKit Extension on an actual Apple Watch?

When I try to build and run a WatchKit extension on my real Apple Watch, I sometimes get the following error message: I've tried to build the parent application for the iPhone and then again for my WatchKit app but I still get the error message. Does anyone know what...

Apple Watch Maps Animation

We are working on an app that requires an animation overtop of a map. this is a challenge because the map is a dynamic element and there are obvious limitations to the watch. Does anyone know a way to programatically take a snapshot of the mapview. I figure if we...

How do I programatically create labels with separators in an Apple Watch UI [closed]

I would like to create a for loop for adding labels with separators programatically. How can I do this? ...

WatchKit Invalid Bundle Structure- WatchKitStub

Just wanted to share this answer. While submitting to the App Store I got an error saying the Bundle Structure including WatchKitStub was invalid.

Using Core Data with watchOS 2.0

I made an iOS/Apple Watch app with WatchKit 1.0 that uses a shared group container and a custom framework to access the same Core Data store. Now, in the transition guide for watchOS 2.0, Apple says this: If your existing Watch app and iOS app use a shared group container...

iOS App groups - shared CoreData fails to open

I have an app with a CoreData database and access it using UIManagedDocument. To share the data with the Watchkit app, I'm moving the database to a shared App Group. The store is created correctly it seems, but after that it often becomes impossible to access it: the UIManagedDocument keeps...