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What does the exception “ArgumentError: a promise has already been chained” mean, and how do I debug it?

I'm going a little nuts working with Volt at the moment. The moment I try to do something a bit more complicated I end up getting the exception "ArgumentError: a promise has already been chained" in the browser console. The stack trace doesn't point to anything I can interpret as...

How to integrate other javascript library in Volt framework?

I can't understand how to integrate existing JavaScript libraries into Volt. With Volt 0.9.3 Opal Native object isn't available and use only the backticks with interpolation seems no pratical.

Volt adding multiple class in view

I'm building a website with Volt 0.9 and I'm trying to customize my main.html regarding navigation. Well, there is and if binding in the :Nav section to add a class. The problem is that I want to add another class with another if binding. I've tried to add a second...

Appending an element to a page in VoltRb

I'm trying to append an element to one of my pages in a Volt project, via opal-browser, like so: if RUBY_PLATFORM == 'opal' require 'browser' $document.body << my_dom_element.to_n end # controller code below Unfortunately, I'm getting an error: [Error] TypeError: null is not an object (evaluating 'value.nodeType') (anonymous function) (main.js,...

Requiring files in the Volt Framework

I have a mixin I want to include in a few different classes in a Volt app. Pertinent structure as follows: Including file path: app/component_1/models/my_model.rb Included file path: app/component_2/mixins/my_mixin.rb Here's what I've tried: require "#{Volt.root}/app/component_2/mixins/my_mixin" yields this error in the server output when loading a page: SyntaxError: Cannot handle dynamic...