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WP8.1 Voice Recognition without rendering app

I have implemented voice commands in my Windows Phone 8.1 app, but I have run into 2 problems. The first problem, is that I would like to have the command execute without the app opening. I know it has to load the app to execute, but I'd like it to...

Play recorded voice simultaneously in the earphones

I am new to programming but till now I have came across the basic of it. Currently I am using Android Studio. I tried many a times on web for how can I play recorded voice simultaneously while its continuing to record. The recorded voice should be played in the...

Using sox for voice detection and streaming

Currently, I use sox like this: sox -d -e u-law --endian little -b 8 -c 1 -r 8000 -t ul - silence 1 0.3 1% 1 0.3 1% For reference, this is recording audio from the default microphone and outputting little endian, ulaw formatted audio at 8 bits and a...

How to implement voice command recognition in android?

Hello I want build an app where my android app recognize my voice command & perform certain task. i have searched a lot but didn't find any valid solution. Kindly tell how to implement it?