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Recording and Duplicating a webcam stream with VLC

i'm trying to record a webcam, save it and stream it to a local network. The Problem is, i want to do this with different compression: The stream for the local network should only have <400kbit/s, but the other one, which is stored to a local file, should be uncompressed...

Caching in VLC Media Player

I'm using VLC Media Player (MobileVLCKit.framwork) for playing .mpd format file. In the case of AVCaching Player, we have option for caching but in this case I'm not able to add caching feature. I tried but not getting any info about solving this problem. It would be great if any...

How to convert real-time video streaming to chunk for P2P sharing

I am trying to implement a real-time video streaming broadcasting system, and using P2P technology to save the bandwidth of streaming server. I am using Wowza Streaming Engine to implement my streaming server. So the streaming server will receive real-time streaming of my camera. And I am using VLC library...

Debugging an MP4 opened by VLC but not by ffplay

I'm writing a code which creates MP4 files. To check it I've created an MP4 file. The file is played correctly by VLC and Firefox, but not by ffplay or by Chrome. I guess the file contains error which VLC can cope with but more aggressive MP4 reader cannot. I've...

Run vlc extension from command line

I have a vlc extension written in Lua. I know how to run it from the GUI (View -> My Extension). I want to run it from the command line, so I would not need to start X every time.

MP4 MOOV atom for progressive playing

I'm looking a way to create a MOOV atom that would allow an user to reproduce an MP4 file while it is still transcoding (for example the transcoding of an endless stream like a the one from a security camera) I think that the only way I could do that...

fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'Carbon/ Carbon.h': No such file or directory

I'm getting the above error when trying to install libvlc: C:\>easy_install vlc Searching for vlc Best match: vlc 0.0.1 Adding vlc 0.0.1 to easy-install.pth file Using c:\python27\lib\site-packages Processing dependencies for vlc Searching for appscript Reading https://pypi.python.org/simple/appscript/ Best match: appscript 1.0.1 Downloading https://pypi.python.org/packages/source/a/appscript/appscript-1.0.1. tar.gz#md5=6447b3bef966613bb5ddaedfe32c4558 Processing appscript-1.0.1.tar.gz Writing...

Build VLC for Android project failed on Ubuntu 12.04

I want to work on the VLC for Android project. So first I need to compile this project, I follow all the steps on https://wiki.videolan.org/AndroidCompile/ but when I do the sh compile.sh -a armeabi-v7a at the end I have this error: contribs: make failed Error:Execution failed for task ':libvlc:buildDebugARMv5'. >...

VLCKit on iOS has no fps when playing streaming

When using mobileVLCKit.framework to play a live view streaming via RTSP protocol, I can't get fps info even if the displaying view is correctly shown. Here is my code NSLog(@"%.1f FPS", self.player.framesPerSecond); The result is always "0.0 FPS", and is not reasonable. I used framesPerSecond since fps is deprecated, as...

VLC web player not working in Google chrome browser

I am using VLC web player in my video portal . Its working absolutely fine in Firefox and Opera but its not working in Google chrome . i know VLC installs Mozilla / ActiveX plugin while installation of VLC in computer which helps mozilla and other ActiveX supported browsers to...

Using vlc npapi plugin in chrome in linux

I want to use vlc web plugin on chrome in linux but this post says that chrome has stopped supporting npapi plugins. http://askubuntu.com/questions/487399/install-vlc-plugin-on-chrome I am using vlc plugin in chrome on windows 7 and it works fine. I can see vlc web plugins when I do about://plugins. But in Ubuntu...

vlc mac python bindings video output and location of vlc.py

I am hoping that someone can help with a Python bindings output question (using vlc.py) I have a basic test script that uses vlc.py which runs but does not play the video. import vlc def setup_player(filename): vlc_instance = vlc.Instance('--no-audio', '--fullscreen') player = vlc_instance.media_player_new() media = vlc_instance.media_new(filename) player.set_media(media) print media.get_mrl() #...

Display every copy of duplicated stream in VLC

I'm trying this simple thing in VLC 2.0.1: vlc "/mnt/vlc/videos/all.ts" --sout="#duplicate{dst=display,dst=display}" That means I'm trying to duplicate TS and display every copy of it. I thought that in this case VLC will create two independent display stream outs. But everytime I run the code I mentioned below I get one...

VLC Remote control Fullscreen dos not work

so latly i am up on a project where I Code a Android Application wich controls some Applications on my PC for example VLC. So i made it this way that my Server connects to the VLC Remote Interface on Localhost:4040. I got my application so far that it comunicates...

Detect if Android SurfaceView is drawing/moving

I'm using libvlc on and android app to play a network stream; the native code draws the image on a surfaceview. Let's assume the video stops and I have no access to the native code, how can I detect if the SurfaceView is still moving (the video is not frozen)?...

No TLS support in VLC 2.1.5 (win64)?

Any tries to stream media from https fails with TLS plugin not available error (see message log here) Whereas, trying the same stream using Win32 VLC version (also 2.1.5) succeeds (see message log here. Is there a reason why x64 VLC version does not support encrypted connections? Windows 8.1, VLC...

Vlc Radio Launcher

I like to listen to one particular radio and I have made myself a little launcher using vlc that is simply like this : #!/bin/sh vlc http://mp3lg.tdf-cdn.com/fip/all/fiphautdebit.mp3 What I would like to do is to have this instance of vlc - I have allowed multiple instances in vlc preferences, immediatly...

How can I play raw PCM file that I dumped from a codec?

I'm debugging an audio codec and need to test if the data is coming out of a codec properly. I have my code dumping the raw pcm stream into a file and now I want to try to play it in VLC or another OS X compatible player. I've heard...

Open VLC live streaming from my Android app

Is it possible to open VLC live streaming link from my Android app using Intent or any other way?

Editing Video Effects panel on VLC for Mac

Ok so this question is actually in two parts. I coded a video filter for VLC and I would like to add a control to the Video Effects panel on the OS X UI. So far I've been able to link my plugin the the UI by hijacking one of...

C# Vlc ActiveX Play rtsp stream

I have found a problem to embed and playing rtsp stream to VLC activex control. Once i already succeeded but now i cant i dont know why, Im trying to host at WPF a vlc control but its dont work , Its says like a dll is missing , "Failed...

setting vlc npapi plugin path

I have customized the vlc npapi plugin. Right now I have to replace the "npvlc.dll" file in C:\Program Files (x86)\VideoLAN\VLC with my npvlc.dll I want to know how can I change the path of this plugin. I tried changing the following registry file but this does not work. It just...

Frame grabbing with VLC

I used VLC.DotNet dlls to play my RSTP/h.264 stream in my WPF application. Now, I need to process some frames of this stream. Does VLC.DotNet have any methods for frame grabbing?

MobileVLCKit iOS UniversalBinary Versions

Here are precompiled MobileVLCKit Universal Binaries for iOS: http://nightlies.videolan.org/build/ios/?C=M;O=A There are a lot of different versions like 0009, 0555, 0622, 1748 and so on... Can anyone explain what is the difference between them and which should I use? Thanks....