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How to use VisualVM and JMX?

I have tried every recipe in the book, but things just wont work today... I am trying to use VisualVM to profile my Java app running in a remote server, so I googled and googled and googled for ways to do this and I end up with this solution: java...

Visualvm thread started count

Am monitoring a java application for thread lock scenario, In visualvm under monitor tab, Live threads : 112 Live Peak : 126 Daemon thread : 99 Total started : 135,742 What does this mean? I feel its not right to have so much total started threads count. Is there any...

Visual VM: how to interpret Self Time vs Self Time (CPU)

I already read VisualVM and Self Time But I still don't get how to interpret. Here is my case : Self Time : 500000ms Self Time (CPU) : 72000ms I understand that the method took 72s of CPU execution time (So real work without sub-method called). Can I interpret that...

Monitor a remote IBM Websphere with VisualVM and JMX

I am trying to monitor a remote IBM WAS with VisualVM but I can't connect.

Visual VM for profiling an application running on Tomcat

I have apache tomcat 7 running on local and a web application deployed as .war file to this server. I am trying to use visual vm to profile the application but so far I am only able to profile tomcat itself. I am able to see everything about tomcat in...

Java monitoring tool which will allow to see the stacktrace at “real time”

I work on very large web project which is written in java. when I click some button or do other actions it is hard to me to understand what methods called in application code(because I am new in project and application is really really big). So I would like to...

Get number of objects referenced from ArrayList with size 1 grouped by class

I've got a heap dump from the application and found out that there's a huge number of ArrayLists with only 1 object in it. I know how to get the list of such arraylists and also show the class of the contained element: SELECT list.elementData[0] FROM java.util.ArrayList list WHERE (list.size...

Using VisualVM on tomcat 8 running on EC2

I am trying to use VisualVM in my system to monitor a Tomcat instance running over EC2. I tried steps provided in multiple blogs about how to configure it, but still when I try to run tomcat it gives me following error. ./catalina.sh: 5: /home/gvr/apache-tomcat-8.0.18/bin/setenv.sh: -Dcom.sun.management.jmxremote: not found I added...