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how can i get image more than one video in ffmpeg in a loop

i am writing a simple application for creating thumbnails of multiple video somunteneously .but the problem is the image file namei.e one name so it only save the last video thumbnail in the folder . enter code here For Each fi In aryFi proc.StartInfo.Arguments = " -i " + fi.FullName...

Put Image above Video and save video in android [closed]

I'm writing application which must put image above the video and save video. In general application opens video file, after that user select image with transparent background and put that image above the video, after user press save button he get new video but already with image above the video....

ffmpeg to split mp4 file into segments… after first segment, audio unsynced

I've used the ffmpeg command line shown in this question to split MKV files perfectly for a long time. Now i have some MP4 files that i'd like to split and at first it seemed to work, but every subsequent segment after the first has the audio not synced! And...