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How to disable the BlockedThreadChecker of vert.x?

The BlockedThreadChecker causes a lot of stdout when debugging vert.x code. This question relates to vert.x 3.

vertx deploy vertical after getting reply from event bus

I want to deploy vertical after getting reply from my event bus which is calling mysql module. String query = "select * from fca_config WHERE name='siteFaultCollectionStatus'"; JsonObject selectQuery = new JsonObject(); selectQuery.putString(OPERATION.ACTION.Value(), OPERATION.RAW.Value()); selectQuery.putString(OPERATION.COMMAND.Value(), query); List<String> list = new ArrayList<String>(); list.add("siteFaultCollectionStatus"); System.out.println(selectQuery); EventBus eb = vertx.eventBus(); eb.send("database.mysql",...

How to pass system property in vertx

I'm running a vertx module using the following command. vertx runmod myModule -Dconfig.location=myConfigLocation In my code I'm using the following String configLocation = System.getProperty("config.location"); But I'm getting null for configLocation. Anybody know whats wrong here?...

Vertx: How to include additional files

I am writing a vertx.io web server and am trying to create a simple web reponse, consisting of a web page. I have managed to send index.html, which is displayed. How do I add additional files, such as JavaScript and CSS files, so that a full webpage can be displayed?...

Java optimal default number of threads without blocking I/O

Two of the most common defaults that I've seen when sizing a non-blocking thread pool are: number of threads = number of cores number of threads = number of cores + 1 but now I found another one in Vert.x, which is: number of threads = 2 * number of...

Vertx 3 application logging from Javascript

Sometimes it's nice to log things to the console during development. In a Vert.x 3 project I'm creating, I'm trying to follow the instructions on the docs page for Vert.x 3 for logging: http://vert-x3.github.io/docs/vertx-core/js/#_logging_from_your_application The docs provide this sample code: // Note -these classes are Java only // You would...

In a verticle, should I use vertx ExecutionContext to execute the completion of a Scala future?

In an attempt to get out of nested callbacks hell, at least for readability, I am using Scala futures in my vertx application. I have a simple verticle handling HTTP requests. Upon receiving a request, the verticle calls a method doing async stuff and returning a Future. On future completion,...

How to access gmail API?

I generate my JWT, if my token is correct why dont work ? in Google Developers Console i enabled gmail plus youtube and other API, in credentials generate and download json { "private_key_id": "22dcf", "private_key": "-----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY-----(remove)-----END PRIVATE KEY-----\n", "client_email": "[email protected]", "client_id": "jc6.apps.googleusercontent.com", "type": "service_account" } first generate token...

OpenShift Hello World java vertical

I'm trying to create a simple "Hello World" vertx java application on OpenShift, but somehow my class can not be found/run. I have created a new app on OpenShift and cloned the git repository, from there I have added my sample Test.java class. Also I have added to the /configuration/vertx.env...