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Mockito: How to test if another class' method is called within a method of a Mock?

So I have a service class. public class OrganisationService { public List<Organisation> findAllForeignOrganisations() { // a few rows of JPQL-code that searches the database return myCriteria.getResultList(); } //...Other methods that return Lists with other types of organisations... } Then I have a class which I want to test. What I...

laravel verify shopify webhook

How can I verify my shopify webhooks in laravel? Currently I'm doing the following: //Validate secret if ( Request::header( 'X-Shopify-Hmac-Sha256' ) ) { $hmac_header = Request::header( 'X-Shopify-Hmac-Sha256' ); $data = Request::json(); $calculated_hmac = base64_encode( hash_hmac( 'sha256', $data, Config::get( 'constants.SHOPIFY_APP_SECRET' ), true ) ); if ( $hmac_header != $calculated_hmac ) {...

Mockito: Verify a boolean method (or other types)

I know that you can only verify void methods. But I actually ask myself why. I recently stumbled upon an unit test where I really need to verify that a certain call has been made. To be exact, it's "newFolder.mkdirs()". The behavior of this method is pretty much "voidy"...

Junit VerificationModeFactory.times() vs mockito.times()

What is the difference between VerificationModeFactory.times() and mockito.times()?

Submit form through ajax using verify.js

How can I submit a form through AJAX while using verify.js? I want verify.js to only validate the login form: <form role="form" method="post" id="login" action="auth/login" > ...

Verifying age on PHP

I've looked at many posts on here and I still cant figure this out. I am trying to verify that someone is older than 13 before they register for my site. This is what i have so far <?php if (is_string($_POST['birthday']) && $_POST['birthday'] != 'mm/dd/yyyy') { $dateObj = new DateTime($_POST['birthday']);...

How to validate server's ssl certificate in python?

I have configured my server to serve only https creating a self-signed certificate. I have a client that I has to validate the server's certificate and after that will download a file from the server. How do I implement the validation in client? Is there any code example? My question...

Mockito Verify on passed sub type only sees super type

I cannot easily verify 2 individual and unique call of a sub type class to a method which takes a supertype I have a scenario that acts like this... Both B and C extend abstract type A With public class X { public String doSomething(A a){ return ""; } }...

Is there an option in SourceTree / Git to review another persons code before pushing?

We use SourceTree for a project at work. Because all team members are inexperienced juniors, we see a lot of code that isn't exactly high quality. Therefore, we want to include a step that forces you to let your code check by another team member before you can push your...