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Use a predicate to search a NSMutableArray of Objects

I have a collection of contacts I would like to filter: var arraycontacts: NSMutableArray = [] arraycontacts contains a large list of FriendModel Objects: var friend = FriendModel( name: self.contactName(contact), phone: self.contactPhones(contact), email: self.contactEmails(contact), phoneString: self.contactPhonesString(contact) ) self.arraycontacts.addObject(friend) I'd like to be able to use filterContentSearchText, to limit this array...

displaysSearchBarInNavigationBar deprecated in iOS8

I'm trying to find an alternative to displaysSearchBarInNavigationBar for iOs8, is there anything I can use (in swift)? I tried self.navigationItem.titleView = resultSearchController.searchBar but it doesn't do anything. I don't understand how to find the replacement for functions that are deprecated, on the apple documentation it just say deprecated with...

UISearchController created for iOS 8 not supporting for previous versions

Hi I had created an UISearchController to search a tableview in my app, as I came to know that UISearchDisplay Controller methods are being deprecated for iOS 8, now everything works fine in the 8.1 simulator, when I was trying to run my App in iPad which is of ios...