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iOS - UIImage tinting highlight always grey

I have this button where the background colour is white and the image tint is colour x. When selected, I want the colour to swap - bg is x (which I can do easily) but the image tint always is grey (or a darker version of the colour I set)....

iOS PopoVer NavigationBar don't show BarTintColor

In our app we're setting the navigationbar and toolbar color with the following code. With iOS 8.x this is working fine. Recently I have tested the app with iOS 7.x and the colors aren't shown. The bars are transparent and the text has white color (so this worked...) - (BOOL)application:(UIApplication...

DrawableCompat tinting does not work on pre-Lollipop

I'm using the new TextInputLayout to wrap an EditText. When I determine a field has an error I do the following: Drawable drawable = DrawableCompat.wrap(getEditText().getBackground()); DrawableCompat.setTintList(drawable, ColorStateList.valueOf(Color.RED)); This works on 5.0 and turns the underline red, but does nothing on 4.4 or 4.1 test devices. What am I missing here?...