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make JavaFX wait until Timeline finishes

I have two timeline which runs inside one function, they are both affect one object, problem is when I play first timeline, other timeline also starts within next line of code, how can I wait until fist timeline finish then play another timeline?

How to make the Twitter API returns me over 800 tweets

How to make the Twitter API (home_timeline) returns me over 800 tweets? For example applications like tweetbot how do it to have more updates in the 3000 home timeline? I think that using a cache system but which one?

Contantly updating textview in a custom cursor adapter

I have a TimelineViewActivity class, contains a listView TimelineFeedsCursorAdapter class, extends the CursorAdapter Here, in this adapter class I am fetching the rows from SQLite db and populating the list. Now in each list item there is a time specifying when was the timeline feed created i.e. 2 hours ago...

Timeline slider horizontal line middle [closed]

how can I achieve this horizontal line for atleast tablet and desktop version? I have tried many times but failed....

Using Ruby and Twitter can I gather ALL of a user's timeline?

I'm trying to retrieve a user's timeline. The api says you can get (at the most) 3,200 tweets. I only seem to know how to get 20 using this code: def gather_tweets_from(user) tweets = [] file = File.open("tweets_from.txt","w") client.user_timeline(user).each { |tweet| file.puts tweet.text } end gather_tweets_from(user) Please help me out,...

Image next to text

I've this code and I need to have the picture on the same line as Timeline headline. <div class="container"> <div class="page-header"> <img src="https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/J1d-4ze1atTh6BbMXh34eK_4fEttHBlztlWcgjKbzzd79zQYCqkLxw07Gh7oRdJrZAybyTG3acXKn7QHh3S54bgZ7awV5YQm6XZiTp_OHJq1f3a0aoOHusbbWq2kc6oAmg" width="100px" height="124px" class="img-thumbnail"> <h1 id="timeline">Timeline</h1> </div> .... </div> ...

applying a transition to one node at time in a group in javafx

I'm trying to fade-in one object at a time in javafx. I've tried to use a for loop to loop through the nodes of a group but all the nodes in a group seem to be displayed at the same time instead of being faded-in one at time. i just...

How to render a Backbone collection with headers between items

I have a Backbone collection in my app that is basically a timeline. Every item in the collection has a date field and the collection is sorted by it. Items are dynamically loaded and added to this collection (when scolling). I want to render this collection, but I also need...

Javascript library for drawing bar charts with timeline [closed]

I'd like to draw a time series as a bar chart (I suppose it's also called column chart) preserving the scale of the time line. Example: Could you recommend a javascript library providing the code with how to visualize it? I'm well aware of this answer and tried some of...

horizontal timeline transformation

can someone help me how to transform this vertical timeline to horizontal: http://jsfiddle.net/yinnette/XdQ5Y/ <div class="timeline"> thanks a lot !...

Scroll To Horizontall issues, timeline jquery

I am experiencing issues with my scrollTo, it doesn't seem to scroll to the horizontal anchor points. Looks like the positions of the anchors are resetting themselves. http://jsfiddle.net/6nqv78wp/7/ $(".jq-timeline-header").click(function (e) { if ($(window).width() < 768) { $(this).next().toggle(); } }); $('.jq-scrollto').bind('click', function (event) { console.log($($(this).attr('href')).offset().left) $('.jq-scrollto').removeClass('active'); $(this).addClass('active'); $('.jq-timeline-inner').stop().animate({ scrollLeft:...

Blur individual div when scrolling?

I have a timeline and i would like the first item to be focused but when scrolling i then want the next item to be in focus and the next and so on. So far i have managed to only get all the items to focus. Any ideas how i...

Timeline just with years that shall be ordered and just showing per year how many values are available

I would like to use a timeline that just shows years. The special about my data is that I just have years. But these years are ordered. So I know the exact order but not any more detail like day or month. So first of all I would like to...