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make JavaFX wait until Timeline finishes

I have two timeline which runs inside one function, they are both affect one object, problem is when I play first timeline, other timeline also starts within next line of code, how can I wait until fist timeline finish then play another timeline?

Using Ruby and Twitter can I gather ALL of a user's timeline?

I'm trying to retrieve a user's timeline. The api says you can get (at the most) 3,200 tweets. I only seem to know how to get 20 using this code: def gather_tweets_from(user) tweets = [] file = File.open("tweets_from.txt","w") client.user_timeline(user).each { |tweet| file.puts tweet.text } end gather_tweets_from(user) Please help me out,...

horizontal timeline transformation

can someone help me how to transform this vertical timeline to horizontal: http://jsfiddle.net/yinnette/XdQ5Y/ <div class="timeline"> thanks a lot !...

Contantly updating textview in a custom cursor adapter

I have a TimelineViewActivity class, contains a listView TimelineFeedsCursorAdapter class, extends the CursorAdapter Here, in this adapter class I am fetching the rows from SQLite db and populating the list. Now in each list item there is a time specifying when was the timeline feed created i.e. 2 hours ago...

applying a transition to one node at time in a group in javafx

I'm trying to fade-in one object at a time in javafx. I've tried to use a for loop to loop through the nodes of a group but all the nodes in a group seem to be displayed at the same time instead of being faded-in one at time. i just...

How to render a Backbone collection with headers between items

I have a Backbone collection in my app that is basically a timeline. Every item in the collection has a date field and the collection is sorted by it. Items are dynamically loaded and added to this collection (when scolling). I want to render this collection, but I also need...

How to make the Twitter API returns me over 800 tweets

How to make the Twitter API (home_timeline) returns me over 800 tweets? For example applications like tweetbot how do it to have more updates in the 3000 home timeline? I think that using a cache system but which one?

Scroll To Horizontall issues, timeline jquery

I am experiencing issues with my scrollTo, it doesn't seem to scroll to the horizontal anchor points. Looks like the positions of the anchors are resetting themselves. http://jsfiddle.net/6nqv78wp/7/ $(".jq-timeline-header").click(function (e) { if ($(window).width() < 768) { $(this).next().toggle(); } }); $('.jq-scrollto').bind('click', function (event) { console.log($($(this).attr('href')).offset().left) $('.jq-scrollto').removeClass('active'); $(this).addClass('active'); $('.jq-timeline-inner').stop().animate({ scrollLeft:...

Timeline just with years that shall be ordered and just showing per year how many values are available

I would like to use a timeline that just shows years. The special about my data is that I just have years. But these years are ordered. So I know the exact order but not any more detail like day or month. So first of all I would like to...

Javascript library for drawing bar charts with timeline [closed]

I'd like to draw a time series as a bar chart (I suppose it's also called column chart) preserving the scale of the time line. Example: Could you recommend a javascript library providing the code with how to visualize it? I'm well aware of this answer and tried some of...

Timeline slider horizontal line middle [closed]

how can I achieve this horizontal line for atleast tablet and desktop version? I have tried many times but failed....

Blur individual div when scrolling?

I have a timeline and i would like the first item to be focused but when scrolling i then want the next item to be in focus and the next and so on. So far i have managed to only get all the items to focus. Any ideas how i...

Image next to text

I've this code and I need to have the picture on the same line as Timeline headline. <div class="container"> <div class="page-header"> <img src="https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/J1d-4ze1atTh6BbMXh34eK_4fEttHBlztlWcgjKbzzd79zQYCqkLxw07Gh7oRdJrZAybyTG3acXKn7QHh3S54bgZ7awV5YQm6XZiTp_OHJq1f3a0aoOHusbbWq2kc6oAmg" width="100px" height="124px" class="img-thumbnail"> <h1 id="timeline">Timeline</h1> </div> .... </div> ...