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how to get the direction of tga file in java

I have read Wiki http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Truevision_TGA and I know that the 5-4 bits of the Eighteenth byte of tga file represent the direction of tga file. So, there is 4 permutations(00,01,10,11) to show us the direction, which direction does each permutation stand for?...

How to DEBUG OpenGL a gray/black texture box?

I'm altering someone else's code. They used PNG's which are loaded via BufferedImage. I need to load a TGA instead, which is just simply a 18 byte header and BGR codes. I have the textures loaded and running, but I get a gray box instead of the texture. I don't...

C++ Opengl - How to load tgas and pngs in modern OpenGL? [on hold]

I am looking for a way to load tgas and pngs in C++ Opengl - I dislike the idea of using a library though. Is there any sample code / links / advice you could give me in this topic?...