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Force certain sprites into only one image of the TextureAtlas in LIBGDX

I'm using TexturePacker to make a texture atlas. The result are 2 PNGs. I need certain images(sprites) to be deposited into only one of the pngs so I only have to bind only one texture to use in some shaders that I'm using. How can I force certain sprites to...

how can I create a button with texturepackerimporter texture?

I can drag the prefabs texture to scene. But I don't know how to create a ui button use this texture.

libgdx loading asset, texture packer

sorry for bothering you, i know that this have been asked already, but i cant manage to fix it. I have started to work with libgdx and decided to have a book as tutorial - "Learning LigbGDX Game Development". It was all going fine until chapter 4 , i cant...

Strange artefacts appear on CCSprite

I have a CCLayer class imported onto a game layer strangely all the the sprites have "artefacts" that seem to appear from nowhere since I have checked and re-exported all of the files Is some setting or something else that could cause this to happen? I'm new at this but...

Pixelated texture filtering distorted

I've created a isometric tile based game in Libgdx. The textures I'm using are 64x64 and packed using TexturePacker into a TextureAtlas. They are then drawn onto the screen. However, while moving around the pixelated edges of the 64x64 texture flicker and they are distorted, which can be seen in...