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Error: Getting symbols in python output

#I wrote the following code for making a text editor. print "This is a simple text editor" from sys import argv script, name = argv print "You have selected the file : %s" %name print "Opening the file...." t = open(name, 'r+') print "The contents of the file are" print...

Excel Function Error

I am trying to create a cell from a Excel to show three values depending of a number from another cell. The function I use is =IF(H4<100;(TEXT(Probabil));(IF(H4<50;(TEXT(Sigur));(TEXT(Da)))) NOTE: The function outputs are in Romanian. Probabil means possible, Sigur means sure and Da means yes. I tried to use " before...

Replace text between two special characters

I have a character vector as: x<- "\t\t<taxon id=\"TOT_F50\"/>" and y<- "TOT_A01" and I want replace TOT_F50 with the text in y ("TOT_A01"). Do you know how to replace the text between " and \ (i.e. "TOT_F50) ? ...

Adding custom text to UITextField buffer

Background: I have got a custom alert part of the HomeKit API. I'd like to allow the user to paste the code requested rather than inputting it manually. Whenever there is text in the buffer it is possible to paste it by tapping on the textfield. How can I add...

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