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assembly language is there a way to shorten my code [closed]

my program is to count all vowels in user input characters my codes is long because of part when comparing the user input if vowel or not. is there a way to shorten my codes? i am new to assembly language so i use basic mnemonic title sample.prog cstack segment...

Create data when the program is running assembly

Well, The question is simple: How can I allocate space for data in code. I try to do the following: ReadArrayLength PROC pusha messageArrayLength db "Enter the number of the bytes in array: $" mov dx, OFFSET messageArrayLength mov ah, 09h int 21h popa ret ENDP But when I'm debugging...

Defining segments of assembly code with Tasm

So I was being taught the basics of how to program with Tasm (Turbo assembler 16 bits) and this two lines were explained to me, but now I can't remember why are they like this: start: mov ax, data mov ds, ax Why is it that we cannot use: start:...

What is the difference between Stack 100h and Org 100h?

I'm trying to review assembly language and I noticed that there is a stack 100h. Can someone help me and explain this? Thanks!

Running X86 Assembly on Win8 64 bit

I'm new to assembly and am trying to create replicate the folium of descartes (x^3 + y^3 - 3*axy = 0 where a=12). I have the code done and when i compile and link, i get no error. Im using TASM through DOSBox 0.74 on a win8 64-bit. But when...

Relative Jump Out of Range Error

How can I fix the "relative jump out of range" error without inbetween jumps? Like stretching the jump range? I heard about something called long jump or something like that that uses 32-bit instead of the regular 16.

Program solving equation in Assembly

I have problem with my simple program in assembly. I'm using DOSbox and TASM . I have problem with program. Operand types do not match at line 76 78 80 . This is after multiplication. I tried to make some changes by using difftrent variable size ; -------------------------------------------- ; Equation=(a+c*b)/d-2*c,...

assembly language count all 'a' in character input

my code supposed to count all character 'a' in every user input i use cmp if equal then my program jump to 'incre:' that increment the value of bl.the output is always this>ΒΆ< .i don't know where the problem is title sample.prog cstack segment para stack 'stack' dw 200h cstack...