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How to access dynamic references from other container items?

How can I pass a dynamic dependency from one registered container definition to another? In this case, a generic Database object wants to inherit from a generic Config object. The twist is config is not static, but loaded depending on a given environment variable. Config pertinent methods public function __construct()...

Doctrine standalone without cli-config.php

I want to integrate Doctrine ORM into my (non-Symfony) project. I already done this in another project and used the famous cli-config.php into the project root directory. But now, in my new project, I use the Symfony Console component and the Dependency Injection component (to reference services and commands, by...

How to create a console command in Symfony2 application

I need to create a console command for a Symfony2 application and I read docs here and here though I am not sure what of those I should follow. So this is what I did. Create a file under /src/PDI/PDOneBundle/Console/PDOneSyncCommand.php Write this code: namespace PDI\PDOneBundle\Console\Command; use Symfony\Component\Console\Command\Command; use Symfony\Component\Console\Input\InputArgument; use...