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How to fix Symfony2 deployment issues?

I'm having this issue for a while at differents environments, differents projects and some times I did fixed some others likes now I can't find what is failing so this is my latest try. I want to deploy a app so following rules as docs say the first I did...

There is no element matching XPath “//html” (Behat\Mink\Exception\DriverException)

I really can't figure out why Mink / Behat cannot find "Login" text. My scenario is simple enough: Scenario: Valid Registration Given I am on "/register/" Then the response status code should be 200 Then print current URL Then show last response Then I should see "Login" And the output...

Symfony2.7.0 app_dev.php route not found

I am learning symfony2, I have installed symfony2.7.0 LTS using below command. symfony new sflearning and I have installed symfony2.7.0 successfully. Now when I am trying run app_dev.php on localhost using below url, http://localhost/sflearning/web/app_dev.php It gives me an error No route found for "GET /" It was working with previous...

Symfony2 - Environments - Can't import routing.yml from common folder

I'm trying to create a folder structure like described in Different Directories per Environment: - app - config - common - config.yml - routing.yml - dev - config.yml - routing.yml This does work pretty well for all files (config.yml, parameters.yml etc.) but nor for config.yml. I get this error: The...

Converting query string to an associative array in symfony2

How to convert query string to an associative array in symfony2? Im new to symfony2. I googled it for couple of hours but there is no straightforward answer (example). Can anyone tell me how to do this?...

Disable deprecated warning in Symfony 2(.7)

Since my Symfony 2 update to 2.7. I get a lot of deprecated erors in PHPUnit and console (message is clear by now). ProjectX\ApiBundle\Tests\Controller\SectionsControllerTest::testPostDebug() The twig.form.resources configuration key is deprecated since version 2.6 and will be removed in 3.0. Use the twig.form_themes configuration key instead. Any idea how to disable...

ConfigCache::__toString() is deprecated since version 2.7

After updating to Symfony 2.7 I've got depreciated notification in my profiler. Here it is: It looks like an internal Symfony stuff. Any ideas about how to fix it or it will be fixed in next Symfony patches?...

Using a Factory to Create Services with symfony2.7

How to use factory to create services with symfony2.7 ? #service.yml #in symfony 2.6 my.repository.photo: class: My\AppBundle\Repository\PhotoRepository factory_method: getRepository factory_service: doctrine arguments: [My\AppBundle\Entity\Photo] #I have some errors like this Deprecated: Symfony\Component\DependencyInjection\Definition::setFactoryMethod(getRepository) is deprecated since version 2.6 and will be removed in 3.0. Use Definition::setFactory() instead. in...

Should the changes of SymfonyRequirements.php be included in version control?

After running composer update, I got app/SymfonyRequirements.php is updated in my working changes of my symfony [email protected] application. What is that file? Should I commit the changes of the file?

Getting Objects from database in Symfony2

I had read somewhere some day that symfony2/Doctrine2 has a method(i don't remember the method name now) that fetches all "like" objects that we specify.. For example, I have User entity that has userName , password, name, state and city as properties.. For getting all Users who has name =...

Symfony “No route found for ”GET /check.php" fresh install

I've just installed Symfony 2.7. I've started my app from the command line with: $ php app/console server:run I installed XAMPP to run PHP. The following pictures show my localhost:8000/config.php and localhost:8000 pages. Config ! Main page ! EXACT SOLUTION: _blog: path: / defaults: { _controller: AppBundle:Default:index } Where: path...