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Android listview row detail page sliding

I have ListView which has many items(rows), onClick of any item goes to the DetailActivity which explains more about that particular item. If I want to see the detail of the next item, I have to come back to the ListView and click next item. How to design to see...

swipe gesture strike through text [closed]

I have been trying to come out a solution for using swipe gesture to the right and makes the text on a label.text with strike through effect, swipe again to remove the strike through and leaves the original text intact. Any example of codes as to how to do this?...

How to change activity of a screen with swipe? with some example

I have 2 screens black with scroll View in it and then I would like to change these screen with a swipe. I am using Android Studio and want to have a simple example so that i could change all the screens from one to other using swipe view. I...

disable swipe gesture for iCarousel

I am using iCarousel to display an array of images and I want to disable the swipe gesture. I did not find that in the documentation. not sure if this is doable or not

live wallpaper swiper getures help needed

I apologies for any grammar mistakes in advance. I do thank you guys for what you're doing for us here... I am finishing my live wallpaper and it is working well apart from performance issues, for now I applied a script that helps for swipe gestures and touch detection. public...

Android ListView Pull to refresh and Swipe List item to reveal buttons

I am working on Android ListView. I implemented pull to refresh through XListView, But now I also want to implement Swipe Left to right to show buttons List Item on this ListView. How can I do it? Or How to add 2 libs as same on ListView. My ListView in...

Android: how to change menu item at page scrolling with ViewPager?

The last version of WhatsApp does what I'm talking about. When you scroll between tabs the toolbar shows different menu options. I can implement ViewPager with adapter and fragments but not this. How could it be done? I really don't know what kind of trick is behind. It changes everytime...

Drawer-Layout not detecting swipe event inside after adding animation to it

Assalamualikum Everyone: I am making a comment panel just like Google plus app does. I am using a drawer layout and a pull-to-refresh-library ( https://github.com/naver/android-pull-to-refresh ) inside that drawer layout to show comments. Then I have added another feature on that listview that is: when I swipe in other direction...