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Solr will use Highlighter instead of FastVectorHighlighter warning

Hi I'm developing rails app with Solr 4.1 search engine, When I add highlighting to searchSolr start spaming the tomcat6 log with this warning: Jan 29, 2015 12:13:38 PM org.apache.solr.highlight.DefaultSolrHighlighter useFastVectorHighlighter WARNING: Solr will use Highlighter instead of FastVectorHighlighter because *Field_Name* field does not store TermPositions and TermOffsets. Example of...

extending model in comfortable_mexican_matress

I'm trying to implement full-text search in my rails application. The application is based on comfortable_mexican_sofa. For the full-text I am using the sunspot gem. I need to add add the searchable attribute to the Pages class. I created a new file under models with the same class but it...

Sunspot/rails configuration for multi-core (for different language docs) Solr 5 in one environment

I create two cores for English and Japanese docs by Solr 5.1, and am wondering how to set up Sunspot/Rails to choose a core depending on locale selection from my rails app. The default sunspot.yml shows a setting of one core for each production, development, and test environment, but in...