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How to stress test ajaxterm(J) javascript heartbeat behavior?

I am using AjaxtermJ (java port of Ajaxterm). Ajaxterm client-side has a javascript routine that sends heartbeats every second to the server (no matter the user has typed anything or not). I want to stress test it to fine tune the server, but I haven't found an easy way to...

How do I ensure accurate results of stress tests?

I have written a script for a project that stress tests the cpu, the vm and the i/o whilst running vmstat, iostat and sar. The scripts all run for 30 seconds. My tutor has asked me however to ensure that the results are accurate? How can I ever be sure?...

Http proxy server tests [closed]

I have implemented a http proxy client/server. Currently I intended to test this proxy client/server performance. Can anybody help me what approaches exists to make these tests?

How to Compile Google stressapptest for Android x86 Phone?

Step (1) Download Source svn checkout http://stressapptest.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/ stressapptest Step (2) How to Compile above Code for Android x86 Phone ? Answer Not available with me. Step (3) How to Install ? adb push stressapptest /data/local/tmp/ adb shell chmod 777 /data/local/tmp/stressapptest adb shell /data/local/tmp/stressapptest Step (4) How to Run ? User...

Type of responses includes in JMeter Throughput

I want to know if in the summary report in JMeter, the Throughput value correspond to all responses code (200, 201, 404, 500) or if correspond only for the success.

Admob - no test ad fill from ad server after stress testing with monkey

I was testing my android app using monkey and there might have been thousands of successive ad-requests while the test was on. The test went fine. Now, I no more get any fill for test ads. Logcat reads: No fill from ad sever. Failed to load ad: 3 Neither my...

Is it possible to stress test during test automating with selenium

I am new to selenium and stress testing. By using selenium grid, we can somehow use selenium for stress testing but is it possible to stress test during test automating with selenium?