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Cannot include std::thread header in wxWidgets application

I have the following code: #include "wx\wx.h" class BClient : public wxApp { virtual bool OnInit(); virtual int OnQuit(); }; IMPLEMENT_APP(BClient) bool BClient::OnInit() { return true; } int BClient::OnQuit() { return 0; } As soon I try to add the line #include <thread> I receive this errors: Error 10 error...

'array' in namespace 'std' does not name a template type

I receive the following error: 'array' in namespace 'std' does not name a template type. I changed my compiler to g++ 4.9. Still having issues. I think that I may have an old version of the std library but am not sure on how to proceed to fix that. #ifndef...

Rust “use” vs. C++ “using namespace”

Is it considered bad style to declare multiple "use" statements in Rust? I am a C++ programmer that recently began trying out Rust. One thing I've noticed as I review Rust code is that in many Rust programs there will be a bunch of use statements at the top of...

How to make function like operator