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How to transfer data from Tabular model (SSAS Tabular) to Relational Database?

I am new to SSAS and Tabular model cubes. I have a data migration task that aims to import data from a Tabular model into a SQL Server database. I have tried SSIS with not success. Using OLEDB Data source connected SSAS instance with Tabular database, I configured the data...


OK, so I have googled up a lot on this subject and keep ending up with formulas which are too damn slow. I am suspecting if I split the formula in steps(Creating calculated columns), I might see some performance gain. I have a table having some numeric columns along with...

Do I need to import the full data in SSAS tabular mode from my SQL database in DirectQuery mode?

I'm trying to build a Analysis service tabular project in tabular mode and want to use DirectQuery mode so that the queries are executed at the backend. When I click on the model, and select import data from source, I see option to retrieve the full data. Now I have...