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Default Spring bean when profile is not present

I'm using Spring MVC controllers, and I'd like to make some extra request-mapped methods available during development. I can do this using Spring profiles: @Controller @Profile("!dev") public class DefaultController { } @Controller @Profile("dev") public class DevController extends DefaultController { } But ideally, I'd rather not pollute the production classes' code...

How to autowire an implementer with an specific profile in spring?

let me demonstrate with code : public interface A { .... } @Profile({"V1"}) @Component public class B implements A { .... } @Profile({"V2"}) @Component public class C implements A { .... } How can i dynamically (on every request that arrives) make spring to autowire one of above classes according...

spring profile activation with some beans having no profile

I have a spring file config1.xml that has beans with no explicitly defined profile. I also have another file config2.xml with two bean profiles (profileA and profileB). If I import the latter one into the former and activate profileA at runtime, would the beans in config1.xml be activated? If not,...